На курсах по маркетингу преподаются стратегии воздействия на поведение покупателя на всем протяжении его жизненного цикла. Изучите основы - создание маркетинговой стратегии, продвижение брэнда, рекламу и распределение бюджета, а также методы использования цифровых каналов и социальных сетей для достижения ваших бизнес-целей.


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  • Marketing, broadly defined, encompasses the promotion and sales of the products or services offered by your business. On a basic level, this includes both the market research required to “know your customer” and the creation of advertising campaigns that will effectively reach them. However, while the core objectives of marketing haven’t changed since the days of “Mad Men,” today’s marketing professionals have a myriad of new tools to achieve them.

    For example, online marketing offers new customer and user acquisition tools like social media, content marketing, search engine optimization, and targeted advertising. Once you’ve engaged a customer, sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) software programs allow you to track and optimize their journey through your marketing funnel. The prevalence of online marketing also means new opportunities for creative offline marketing campaigns - and a talented marketing professional will be able to combine all these tools to drive sales.