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Предполагаемая нагрузка: 4 weeks of study, 5 hours per week...


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Creating A Positive First Impression

In week one we will look at workplace relationships and communication, including making a positive first impression, collaborative stakeholder relationships, verbal and non-verbal communication, and how technology can impact on these areas.

16 видео ((всего 163 мин.)), 18 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
16 видео
Cialdini's Six Principles of Influence5мин
Key Concept and Case Study: Interview with Oliver James | How to Build Effective Relationships15мин
Interview with Michael Davis | Building Effective Relationships18мин
Interview with Claire Taylor | Collaborative Relationships26мин
Gary Yukl | Building Expert Power10мин
Mendelow's Stakeholder Matrix4мин
Verbal and non-verbal communication6мин
Choosing an appropriate communication channel9мин
Key Concept: The 7Cs of Communication2мин
Case Study: Interview with Oliver James | Applications of the 7Cs of Communication9мин
Communication across cultures |Interview with Andrew Harding14мин
Global Communication | Paul Taylor10мин
Week 1 Summary3мин
18 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Ted Talk | Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are10мин
A Second Chance to Make the Right Impression10мин
Mendelow's Stakeholder Matrix10мин
CMI Checklist | Stakeholder Analysis and Management10мин
CMI Checklist | Developing Trust10мин
Five Questions to Identify Key Stakeholders10мин
How To Improve Your Stakeholder Relationships10мин
Building Expert Power10мин
Albert Mehrabian10мин
Understanding Non-Verbal Communication10мин
The 7 Cs of Communication10мин
Communicating Across Cultures10мин
Communicating in the Virtual Workplace10мин
Geert Hofstede10мин
Further Reading: First Impressions10мин
Further Reading: Communication10мин
Further Reading: Relationship Building10мин
Further Reading: Making A Positive First Impression10мин
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Week 1 Quiz32мин
4 ч. на завершение

Becoming A Role Model In The Workplace

This week will introduce you to the concept of role models in the workplace, from what is involved in being a role model, to aligning professional behaviours and workplace culture. You will also be introduced to example of best practice role models at all levels of an organisation, and have the opportunity to reflect on your own professional behaviours and potential.

6 видео ((всего 57 мин.)), 7 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
6 видео
Managerial Role Models | Interview with Paul Taylor8мин
Aligning behaviour with organisational expectations8мин
Week 2 Summary2мин
7 материала для самостоятельного изучения
The Seven Traits of a Role Model10мин
How Women (and Men) Can Find Role Models When None Are Obvious10мин
Professional Development Is Key To Advancing Your Career10мин
Managing Your Career Like A Business10мин
Ken Blanchard | Create A High-Performance, Values-Aligned Culture10мин
Stonewall | Role Models10мин
Women Rising | The Unseen Barriers10мин
5 ч. на завершение

Effective Time and Resource Management

In this week we will be looking at a range of time management techniques, and how they can be applied. This week will also share ideas about how to prioritize and delegate tasks, including delegating upwards.

13 видео ((всего 151 мин.)), 10 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
13 видео
Boddy and Buchanan5мин
Case Study: Interview with Stephen Hobbs | Key Stakeholders14мин
Interview with Mary Stiasny | Stakeholders18мин
Interview with Claire Taylor | Stakeholders15мин
Interview with Graham Chase | Stakeholders11мин
Case Study: Interview with Michael Davis | Stakeholder Management10мин
Stakeholder Management | Interview with Paul Taylor12мин
Interview with Mary Stiasny | Delegation10мин
Interview with Graham Chase | Delegation18мин
Week 3 Summary4мин
10 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Remote Working | A Mixed Blessing?10мин
How To Defeat Procrastination10мин
Urgent vs Important10мин
Murphy's Ten Laws of Time Management10мин
Managing Your Time Effectively10мин
MoSCoW Prioritisation10мин
Building collaborative relationships in four directions10мин
Successful Delegation10мин
Further Reading: Week 310мин
1 практическое упражнение
Week 3 Quiz26мин
6 ч. на завершение


Week four will explore networking where you will have the opportunity to reflect on your personal brand, and how social networks can help in professional networking.

13 видео ((всего 143 мин.)), 10 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
13 видео
Interview with Claire Taylor | Networking | Part 115мин
Interview with Claire Taylor | Networking | Part 211мин
Interview with Mary Stiasny | Networking13мин
Networking | Interview with Andrew Harding12мин
Networking and social media23мин
Key Concept: An Understanding of your Personal Brand1мин
Case Study: An Understanding of your Personal Brand9мин
Interview with Claire Taylor | Personal Brand13мин
Case Study: Interview with Valentina Lorenzon | Personal Brand10мин
Summary of Week 4 and the Course5мин
10 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Networking Planning and Preparations10мин
Networking Questions10мин
CMI Checklist | Networking10мин
3 Ways to Give More and Be More Proactive At A Networking Event10мин
6 Ways to Convince Your Boss That Business Travel Is Important10мин
Susan Cain | Networking for Introverts10мин
Learn To Love Networking10мин
Further Reading: Networking10мин
How To Use Social Networking10мин
Personal Learning Networks | It's Who You Know10мин
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автор: JJAug 7th 2018

The course presentation was very easy to follow and relate with the presenters. I have also learnt a lot that I have immediately started applying to my work environment

автор: ASJul 3rd 2017

It was eye opening and presented very well. I think the best part of the course is that Mr James is interviewing other people that have experience in the field.



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