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О курсе

This course will prepare you to complete all parts of the Clinical Data Science Specialization. In this course you will learn how clinical data are generated, the format of these data, and the ethical and legal restrictions on these data. You will also learn enough SQL and R programming skills to be able to complete the entire Specialization - even if you are a beginner programmer. While you are taking this course you will have access to an actual clinical data set and a free, online computational environment for data science hosted by our Industry Partner Google Cloud. At the end of this course you will be prepared to embark on your clinical data science education journey, learning how to take data created by the healthcare system and improve the health of tomorrow's patients....

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Oct 29, 2019

Very nice overview of a very complex topic. Somewhat superficial in some areas, but this is an introduction class and covered everything to an acceptable degree. A very intimidating topic.


May 24, 2020

Nice bite sized pieces, with relevant application to querying hospital database using (pre-requisite knowledge) of SQL and R-prog. Definitely useful for my speciality and line of work.

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автор: Andrés L

Nov 06, 2019

The 2 first week were nice, the 3rd was good enough, the directions were not very clear and I had to spend certain time to find out what and how I had to do, the 4th week was awful, the directions were not friendly and I spent too much time trying to make RMarkdown work and doing the excercises. However I finally could complete it, I think the course meet the objective as an introduction course, the topic is complex but very interesting. Bigquery and RMarkdown access provided for this course was very useful and it was a very good experience.

автор: Barbara J D

Jul 05, 2019

I really enjoyed this course very much. I'm hoping completing the Clinical Data Science Specialty will give me enough experience with medical data so that I can get a job as a Medical Data Analyst or Data Warehouse/ETL developer for a medical company.

автор: Jean-Michel B

May 19, 2019

The class teaches a great combination of industry clinical data models concepts and sample data sets, access to cloud-based Bigquery from Google and RStudio, progressive coding exercises bringing it all together.

автор: qianmengxiao

Jun 01, 2019

very good course.Introduce me to EHR. Refresh on my SQL. And nice programming enviormnemt. Week 4 video could be more. R part is a bit weak.

автор: Rajesh J

May 17, 2019

Great introduction to the clinical data science domain and toolsets

автор: Govindarajula A k

Sep 01, 2019

When I started the course I was in impression that this would be like another run of the mill kind but after going through the modules, my perception got changed. I really picked up many terms and understood how data science techniques operate in Clinical domain. Certainly this course makes you to learn many new concepts, make you actually work on them. Planning to complete the remaining modules

автор: Hahn S

Sep 08, 2019

Very well organized! Explanations are good and detailed enough, most examples are helpful for understanding important concepts and acquiring essential skills and knowledge. I would strongly recommend this lecture to ones who are not in the medical/healthcare field, but need to work on clinical data. Thank you!

автор: Mitchell G

Jul 26, 2019

Great course! This course covers so much content in a condensed format without overwhelming the student. Great foundation for clinical data science. I'm looking forward to taking the subsequent courses!

автор: Fernando E L M

Feb 12, 2019

Easy to understand, very professional and studying material is clear and relevant. I definitely recommend this course to jump into the clinical and healthcare data science world.


Jul 10, 2019

I encourage people to take this course.

its real time and it equips with real skill.

the instructor is also so much great and into the point.

автор: Paolo D L

Apr 04, 2019

The material is presented very clearly, and exercises are easy to understand and complete but really test one's knowledge of the material.

автор: Rollie P

May 19, 2019

Great introduction to fundamental concepts. May be challenging for those without any prior experience in SQL or R.

автор: DEBRAH D A

Aug 28, 2019

Before i started this course , i had no idea about SQL . this course introduced me to SQL, i did further research and learning on SQL, I was excited about it because of how interesting it is.

Laura the Tutor is so amazing and its very easy to follow her.

the only thing about this course content that i wish for was that if the SQL programming language part could be taught more. i had to use another platform to learn more about it. that is how i was able to finish most of assessment 3 and 4. but in all it is a great course and has opened up so many opportunities for me

автор: Flora T M

Nov 19, 2019

Very interesting course & I chose it among many offered by prestigious top university programs. After extensive research, I chose this course because of Coursera's great reputation, and because the certification courses offered by U of Colorado specialize in the clinical data science niche, which I wanted to focus on. I plan to continue (next courses in this specialization). It's not easy, but the course is very good & organized well. The attentive moderators answer questions quickly & don't give up; they're persistent & committed to resolving issues and ensuring the student understands the material.

автор: Yinan E W

Mar 16, 2020

I like this course very much - it gives a structured way to understand clearly and logically about the Clinical Data. It won't make you an expert - normally experience does - but for whoever is interested in Clinical data science, it is a very good starting point. And I like the case study with BigQuery, very practical and useful to have some sense about the tool.

автор: H H

Nov 17, 2019

I didn't know anything about coding and doubted myself of learning it. But this course provides very clear explanations and steps to code. I feel more confident now. For those, who have zero knowledge of computer science, this course is suitable to start.

автор: Thomas J H

Apr 08, 2019

Enjoyed that the instructor took a Tidyverse orientation, and matched it with the SQL query work. This connects two seemingly separate coding skills, and makes both easier to learn and master in a highly practical -- real-world functional -- way.

автор: Fidel G

Aug 15, 2019

Great introduction to Clinical Data Science which provides you a bird view of how to prepare your mind and senses when you are tackle with the unknown of what to do and how to prepare your clinical data.

автор: Massiel V R G

Sep 08, 2020

Amazing learning I obtained through this course. With a level of demand for those who are starting in aspects of programming in clinical data. Thank you very much Laura, loved your explanations.

автор: Alexander S

Oct 29, 2019

Very nice overview of a very complex topic. Somewhat superficial in some areas, but this is an introduction class and covered everything to an acceptable degree. A very intimidating topic.

автор: Rozarina

May 24, 2020

Nice bite sized pieces, with relevant application to querying hospital database using (pre-requisite knowledge) of SQL and R-prog. Definitely useful for my speciality and line of work.

автор: Enoch T

Oct 15, 2019

One great course I will recommend to people. Had the chance to learn so much, especially about the MIMIC III dataset as I am using it for a project in AI. Thank you for this course.

автор: Sangapal S

May 09, 2020

Very helpful course, with clear reading notes and assessments. Got good knowledge in basic of clinical data science and mimic3 data as well.

автор: Seth R

Mar 08, 2019

Great introduction to clinical data science covering a range of topics such as informatics, SQL, data science, R and the R Tidyverse.