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Business English: Basics, Гонконгский университет науки и технологий

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This course aims to improve your Business English language skills by developing your vocabulary and reading skills and your understanding of tone, style and knowledge of communication methods. We'll also cover how these language skills can enhance audience analysis, business case analysis and basic business communication strategies. Skills learned in this course will often be referred to and needed to complete the speaking, writing and cross-cultural communications courses of this Specialization. After completing this course, you will be able to: - describe things and events in the context of Business English - make requests in the context of Business English - support arguments in the context of Business English - use appropriate tone and style according to the context of Business English - conduct an audience analysis - match audience with the purpose and medium of communication - analyse and summarise business data...

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автор: HS

Apr 27, 2017

Thank you very much. It was very useful course and lecturers provided very insightful information. I look forward to participate at your next course. All the best.

автор: NN

Jul 30, 2016

I recommend this course. It has been a great experience learning the basics of Business English.\n\nVery well paced, amazing context.

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автор: Mahendra Shinde

Apr 08, 2019

Gr8 Course you can learn a lot from it.

автор: Adnan Alnoush

Apr 06, 2019

it's a nice course, but unfortunately i don't have a time to continue.


Feb 10, 2019

Great course!!

автор: Luis Felipe Echeverry Bedoya

Oct 25, 2018

It was really engaging!

автор: Gustaw ŻURAWSKI

Oct 20, 2018

Nicely done. Thank You!

автор: Yesid Parra

Oct 05, 2018

I think it's an excellent course, especially for those of us who do not have fluency in the English language.

автор: Rahul Sagar

Sep 07, 2018

Best Course to learn Business English.

автор: Adilho Teixeira de Souza

Aug 26, 2018

The course could provide you, a helpful introduction to the general idea of necessary business communication.

автор: Varduhi Katikyan

Jul 23, 2018

Мне очень понравилась Ваш проект, я можно сказать совсем не знала английский язык, но вы смогли помочь мне , и я очень благодарна вам за вашу работу, Спасибо Вам Всем за ваш труд ....

автор: sherif ahmed ahmed

Jul 18, 2018

very good