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How can robots use their motors and sensors to move around in an unstructured environment? You will understand how to design robot bodies and behaviors that recruit limbs and more general appendages to apply physical forces that confer reliable mobility in a complex and dynamic world. We develop an approach to composing simple dynamical abstractions that partially automate the generation of complicated sensorimotor programs. Specific topics that will be covered include: mobility in animals and robots, kinematics and dynamics of legged machines, and design of dynamical behavior via energy landscapes....

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Jun 05, 2017

The material itself is worth a few stars. Clearly lots of work has gone into making some interesting interactive matlab demos. some of the quizzes are unnecessarily confusing.


Aug 21, 2017

Very vast and intuitive course.I found all the information required to design my own legged robot ! I will try and design my own . Thank you so much !

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автор: Nicola g

Mar 28, 2016

It is not well done as the previous courses. The quizzes usually do not concern the topic of the lessons or better, the lessons do not help in anyway to solve the problems.

автор: Raffaele G

May 22, 2016

Despite the arguments of this module are extremely interesting and very useful for Robotics, I think the way they are treated is very poor.

In my opinion lectures are so superficial that it is almost a waste of time to follow them.

Lectures are completely useless and most of the time quizzes are note related with them.

In order to solve quizzes you have not only to recover prior knowledge, that it is obvious, but also to search for new arguments somwhere in the web, in some other courses where contents are better treated and explained. In that contest what are the quizzes, what should quizzes have to test if no content is given?

Moreover it often happen that without a clear support from the lectures, questions are confused and ambiguous. It is quite difficult to follow the teaching path and to enrich my knowledge.

I think it is a very bad way to make a course and often the pleasure to follow disappears leaving a sense of frustration and futility.

I arrived at the end of the course just because I'm doing the specialization otherwise I would have left in the middle of the first week.

I'm very disappointed.

автор: Deleted A

Oct 17, 2016

This course is the worst one in this specialization. The notations are ambiguous and the quizzes are poorly designed.

автор: Tim O

Dec 09, 2016

The lectures are a very brief overview of topics, with nothing actually taught. The quizzes are entirely disconnected from the lectures and require basically just finding and reading the right wikipedia pages. This course is an absolute joke and an embarrassment to UPenn, Coursera, and everyone involved. It's clear that the instructors don't care about student's actually learning anything. Compare this to the "Underactuated Robotics" course on EdX.

автор: Wilmer A R

Mar 22, 2016

The quiz do not relate to the lectures....a lot of thinks need to be explore in documents outside of the course and the knowledge of the student has to be higher. Not a course for not engineering background.

автор: Eduardo K d S

Sep 04, 2016

This is the worst course online I've done so far. I would not recommend it to anyone as it stands, regardless of the student's background, this course is just poor and lacking.

The premise of this course is a promising one, the topic is still in its infancy and seems very interesting. Having said that, this is about everything positive that I can say about this course.

For starters, the videos seem good at first, but later it becomes very superficial and monotone. The content is many times just rushed through and it's visible that the lecturers at several occasions have difficulty even to read their own slides!

However, the worst part of the course are the quizzes. There are 24 graded quizzes in total, to pass the course you need to pass all 24 of them! To make matters worse, the minimum passing marks for each quiz is 80%, that wouldn't have been such an issue if most quizzes had 5 or more questions, which is not the case, most of the quizzes have 4 or less questions. This is such an unreasonable requirement, if you miss only one question in a quiz with 3 questions there's already no chance to pass the course!

The content of each quiz is also very troublesome, we are essentially being graded for trivia, a considerable number of the questions are very superficially related to not related at all to the subject of each lecture. Instead of using the questions to delve deeper into the topic at hand, they only create confusion with futilities. A little example, the topic of a subject was about the mechanical properties of using multiple templates and a question in its quiz was about an electric circuit that is never shown in the question itself, only briefly shown in the lecture video for about 10s, minimal information is given without any explanation of what they mean and we are asked to enter a formula as the answer for which also almost no information is given about which notation we should use for the formula itself.

There are other cases where there are multiple choice questions which have incorrect answers accepted by the grader. In one instance, two of the options available are contradictory to each other, however the accepted answer was the one involving both. In another instance, there was more than one solution available to an answer, however the grader accepted only one and there was no information in the question itself to narrow down the possible answers to the desired one.

Finally, there is no active community by the TA and professors, I have never had a single answer form a TA or professor, only sporadical replies from a mentor, who has no authority to fix any issue by him or herself.

All these issues just point to how poorly this course was designed. It had such high hopes, but they fell short flat. In doing this course, I found myself reverse engineering most of the questions just to try to find an accepted answer and try to understand what it meant. The imposed 8-hour period between attempts at the quizzes only hindered my progress. I was focused and engaged in studying for each quiz, however, after 3 failed attempts I had an imposed break period that makes little sense. In the end, this course only made me feel like the very object of my learning: a robot.

I am really disappointed with this course.

автор: Julian B

Sep 08, 2016

This course, was really bad structured, was often the discrepancy between the information provided in the videos and the questions in the Quiz. Also a lot of time the system was very picky to take an answer like correct, just because the format used, for example e!=E in one equation, and because this was necessary a lot of guessing in order to find how the system take the answer by correct.

But really the worst was the discrepancy between the video and the quiz, because my impression is that the videos were cut to fix in the time, but they were cut a lot, missing important information to be used in the quiz.

автор: Mohammad H

Jun 28, 2019

Although my background is engineering, but the course discusses very complex equation with minimal details. I suggest maybe you can split this course into two courses one of them is advanced, so that student get chance to understand these topics properly.

автор: SHUBHAM K W

Aug 12, 2019

Very Difficult course with minimal explanations. Please elaborate on content before asking questions in quizzes.