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Ideas from the History of Graphic Design, California Institute of the Arts

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This condensed survey course focuses on four key periods or themes from the history of design. Together we’ll trace the emergence of design as a recognized practice, why things look the way they do, and how designers approached specific design problems in their work. Each week, a short quiz will test your knowledge of concepts, and a short reflective assignment will give you the opportunity to analyze the questions designers ask themselves today. This is an essential course for emerging designers entering the field, or for students interested in learning more about visual culture and analysis. No previous experience is required....

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автор: PD

Nov 27, 2016

Its been a great course, many info and points that are fantastic in the learning or adding new knowledge always. I will always recommend this course for those who want to know more and learn design.

автор: AD

Dec 05, 2016

Loved it and all the examples the teachers put into it, as well as the organization and evolution of themes. Big thank you to the teacher ladies. I learned a lot and enjoyed the lessons very much.

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автор: Daria Nikolskaia

Nov 29, 2018

Excellent insight into history, many interesting examples, it was very informative. Thanks for the course!

автор: bassemgomaa

Nov 10, 2018

good course

автор: Amy Cotugno

Nov 08, 2018

This should be one of the first courses. Students, especially English Language Learners need the front loading of the topic. It would ideally help clarify the idea of graphic design.

автор: Valerie Van Kerckhove

Oct 29, 2018

A very interesting course! It shows you really interesting designs throughout near history, and also forces you to look around to identify influences and tools in the Now. And sure enough, once you start looking, you start to notice things and become more observant.

автор: Qamar Ahmad Aamer

Oct 26, 2018

I really like to say thanks to my teachers here.

автор: Soh Wee Kian

Oct 26, 2018

Insightful understanding of Bauhaus and it's philosophy and Teachers and Artworks.

автор: Rohan Shrestha

Oct 23, 2018

This course gives some invaluable insight on the history of graphic design with a ton of examples, something that's often left out on many other courses.

автор: Roberto Macedo Alves

Oct 22, 2018

It is fundamental to understand the history of the fields we work with. This Course explains some of the main moments from the History of Graphic Design and how it shaped what we do nowadays. The examples and assignments help us think critically about current symbols/objects/graphic elements, placing them in the correct context in the History of Graphic Design. Recommended!

автор: Guerin Asante

Oct 19, 2018

Thank you for this wonderful course. It really makes you think on a deeper level about design, not only how it was created, but why.

автор: Brenda Daniela Vazquez Siller

Oct 18, 2018

exellente curso