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Finance for Non-Finance Professionals, Rice University

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This short course surveys all the major topics covered in a full semester MBA level finance course, but with a more intuitive approach on a very high conceptual level. The goal here is give you a roadmap and framework for how financial professional make decisions. We will cover the basics of financial valuation, the time value of money, compounding returns, and discounting the future. You will understand discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation and how it compares to other methods. We also step inside the mind of a corporate financial manager and develop the basic tools of capital budgeting. We will survey the how, when, and where to spend money, make tradeoffs about investment, growth, dividends, and how to ensure sound fiscal discipline. Our journey then turns to a Wall Street or capital markets perspective of investments as we discuss the fundamental tradeoff between risk and return. We then synthesize our discussion of risk with our valuation framework and incorporate it into series of direct applications to practice. This course requires no prior familiarity with finance. Rather, it is intended to be a first step for anyone who is curious about understanding stock markets, valuation, or corporate finance. We will walk through all of the tools and quantitative analysis together and develop a guide for understanding the seemingly complex decisions that finance professionals make. By the end of the course, you will develop an understanding of the major conceptual levers that push and pull on financial decision making and how they relate to other areas of business. The course should also serve as a roadmap for where to further your finance education and it would be an excellent introduction of any students contemplating an MBA or Finance concentration, but who has little background in the area....
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автор: Suril Soni

Dec 03, 2018

This is a good course for non-finance professionals to begin with. The professor is very knowledgeable, clear, and gives real world examples. Although, I would have loved to have more practice quizzes based on concepts after each week.

автор: himanshu kalra

Dec 03, 2018

Very well explained and heads down to Rice University for making the course


Dec 02, 2018

I gained insight in financial issues with the help of the course. It is practical and easy to follow.

автор: Aadhityan R

Nov 27, 2018

very useful course


Nov 20, 2018


автор: Katey Bator

Nov 19, 2018

Very informative and easy to understand

автор: Mohammed Jameel Hussain

Oct 07, 2018

This course as the title suggests is actually required for non finance professionals to get an understanding of concepts in Finance. A very good and well structured course.

автор: abhinav kumar

Sep 27, 2018

nice course

автор: Gerardus Widyoadri Tjandra

Aug 27, 2018

Really helpful, easy to understand course

автор: Claudia Gutierrez

Jul 25, 2018

The course is well prepared and the teacher is very good, the exercises however are not 100% explained and in the tests there could be issues