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This course will explore the concepts driving current food production science (population growth, urbanization, emerging affluence, resource constraints, and underlying biological limits) with the main focus on livestock production. Each of the major food animal species (dairy, swine, beef, and poultry) will be covered in terms of their universal life cycles, constraints to production and emerging societal issues. Throughout the course, we will tackle some difficult and important questions: What are the major health benefits and potential concerns regarding the production and consumption of animal products? How does animal production affect the efficient use of resources and impact our environment? Can cost of production be reduced to meet growing demand for animal products around the globe while maintaining health and safety for both animals and consumers? What are the different types of animal food production systems? Myths and misconceptions surrounding the animal food systems will be discussed. We’ll also look closely at some of the global issues, problems, and challenges in these food systems which scientists, farmers, and veterinarians, are attempting to solve through collaboration. Lectures will be delivered by several experts from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine who are intimately involved in the study and advancement of animal production systems. The course is geared towards learners who seek a greater understanding of animal food systems as well as those who might have never visited an animal farm, but have a desire to learn more about where some of our food comes from and issues surrounding sustainability....

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автор: JQ

Jul 28, 2017

exceptionally interesting course, with a lot I personally found vital to know. thanks so much!

автор: EA

Jan 07, 2018

Excellent course, excellent teacher. Thanks very much.

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автор: Alyshia Michelle Nath

Jan 18, 2019


автор: Claude Arpels

Jan 02, 2019

Title is somewhat misleading. The course is primarily about the commodity beef industry.


Nov 26, 2018

Muito bom, recomendo.

автор: Dean Plassaras

Sep 26, 2018

It's a great course if you want to learn how is the current agriulture system. It definetely doesn't adress how to feed the world. The world doesn't need more meat. We need more education on what to eat. A plant based diet would seem the only way, with once or twice per week meat consumption MAXIMUM. So we need less meat and better life quality for animals. Also, we don't need dairy. Why the f*ck do adult homo sapiens need to drink cow's milk? that's rediculous. The only way to feed the world (and not cause them heart attacks) is to figure out how to increase edible plant production and there are ways to do this that can work. WE NEED A SHIFT IN OUR MENTALITY. LESS MEAT, NO DAIRY AND MORE PLANTS.

автор: Edip AKPINAR

Jan 07, 2018

Excellent course, excellent teacher. Thanks very much.

автор: Paola Griseri

Jan 04, 2018

very interesting, with a lot of clear explanation. I have really appreciated the pdf of slides for every lesson

автор: Ali Swissi Salem Abou Seif

Sep 27, 2017



Jul 28, 2017

exceptionally interesting course, with a lot I personally found vital to know. thanks so much!

автор: Mariana Vieira

Jul 20, 2017

Overall very well organized and its content has great quality and lecturers. Reccomended to animal related professions and producers.

автор: Enriqueta Octavid Hernandez Sautto

Jul 02, 2017

I love it!!