Who is this class for: Who this class is for: This course is intended for students with similar backgrounds as junior or senior undergraduates in computer science. This course will teach you basic algorithmic and design concepts for distributed systems, as used in today’s cloud systems. Much of the course, including quizzes, is conceptual and not programming oriented. The programming assignment assumes some knowledge of C++ (if you have only Java experience, you should be able to pick up C++ quickly may suffice), and allow you to write distributed algorithms in an emulated distributed system on your own machine. To ensure you have the necessary prerequisites, you need to take the prerequisite quiz and achieve a high passing score (at least 90%, preferably 100%). Based on prior student experiences, the Linux/Unix environment may work better for the programming assignments than Windows. Who this class is NOT for: This course is NOT intended for those: (1) wishing to get a high level overview of cloud computing (you can use Wikipedia for that); (2) wishing to do detailed programming in a real cloud (the Cloud Capstone and Cloud Applications MOOCs provide you that); (3) who are averse to theoretical and algorithmic concepts; (4) with little or no prior programming experience in C++ or Java; (5) who expect to see industry-quality code in programming assignments (these are play programming assignments focused on allowing you to implement concepts you learn from lectures, and are not intended for immediate deployment); (6) those not familiar with setting up IDEs/compilers, etc., especially for C++; or (7) those who want to rush through lectures and/or videos and attempt quizzes in haste (quizzes are hard, so make sure you view lectures completely and comprehensively before attempting quizzes).

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Course 2 of 6 in the Cloud Computing Specialization
Commitment5 weeks of study, 5 - 10 hours/week
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Rated 4.6 out of 5 of 115 ratings

I think it is perfect. Excellent theory, excelent teachers, interesting topics well understood and well explained

very informative

Great course with lots of good knowledge. Same issue as Cloud Concepts part 1 - the mandatory programming assignment is coded in older style C code (not newer C++11 syntax or equivalent comments) so most of the time was spent deciphering what came out of the box - thankfully had Part 1 as a guide so not too harsh. I had trouble with autograde submission, but ultimately overcame it with persistence.

A decent overview of cloud computing concepts. Learnt a lot from the programming assignment.