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In this course, you’ll practice the sounds of American English that might sometimes be confusing. You'll practice both consonant and vowel sounds. You’ll also learn about the things that give English its special “music,” such as how to stress the right syllable in a word, how to make your voice go up and down in a natural-sounding melody, and how to naturally connect sounds and words. Learning these things will help you speak more clearly and make sure that others can understand what you're saying. This course is useful for English language learners who want to improve pronunciation of American English for better communication. Note that access to all of the lectures and handouts are free to anyone, but the graded assignments and quizzes are only available in the paid version of the course. You will need to submit recordings of your own pronunciation for graded assignments....

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Apr 27, 2020

the tutors were explained all subject clearly to us, non boring and easily understood. thankyou for helping us, i'm gonna practice more so i could improve my english pronounciation in the future.


May 06, 2020

Sincerely it was a very interesting and rich course I learned a lot of skill on the pronunciation like linking intonation stress and instress words in the sentence I am satisfied. Thank you a lot

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автор: Carlos D

Nov 05, 2017

If English is not you native language, you can benefit enormously from this course, specially if you have been speaking English for a long time.

автор: Mahmoud S K

Mar 02, 2019

very good course. It helped me improve my pronunciation with clear tips.

I recommend it for everyone who wants to learn the English language

автор: Mayar M

Aug 24, 2017

I really recommend this course for all who want to improve their English skills.

it was exciting.I am really enjoyed this course.

Coursera is the best.

автор: Fernando H U

Apr 28, 2017

Just finished the free mode course. This course is really great. I was expecting a lot from it, and I am very surprised it exceeded my expectations.

автор: JUSTIN M A

Apr 21, 2020

Dear Sirs,

Thank you for the opportunity to learn the American English Pronunciation. To Coursera thank you for this opportunity.



автор: Anupama S

Dec 04, 2019

I'm so glad that you designed this course. Very Very much helpful. Thanks

I love studying on Coursera Community and recommend this to all.

автор: Amal H M

Jan 14, 2018

it is very helpful, i usfuled very much for this course and i liked the way to explain. i advice any one to take this course.

автор: Nayara S

Mar 25, 2019

Muito proveitoso! Nunca pensei que entenderia professores nativos falando tudo em inglês, são bastante didáticos, o curso é maravilhoso. indiquei para muitos amigos, pena não poder, no momento, poder pagar para ter um certificado e participar dos testes. maravilhoso! Quem puder faça que não se arrependerá.

автор: Jael T

Jun 21, 2017

I really liked all the information presented, but I wished the "Q and A" sessions with the Irving profs had been longer. They were so short and I never felt like they completely expanded on anything. A full quarter of each video was spent introducing the profs, who I had met in the other videos! I thought they had fantastic tips and advice, and I wished you had made them longer. :-)

автор: Akram T B

Apr 26, 2020

I think this is a good class for beginners or people with pronunciation difficulties. not that helpful for more advanced learners though. so it depends on your level of mastery of the language.

автор: MOHAMAD H E Z

Jul 12, 2018

I like this course because it helps you with the speaking skill, which needs practical practicing in the real learning but it worked online!. I also liked that I had to record my self and that give my an overview on my pronunciation problems. I wish the course had focused on more topics and had other ways in the activities.

автор: Deleted A

Apr 21, 2020

If you already speak English at a fairly basic level, then this program is not for you. This program caters to people interested in learning English with a little to no fundamental knowledge of the language. While the course is called "Tricky American English Pronunciation," the content does not cover words that are written in a manner that a non-speaker would mistaken during their pronunciation. As a reader, there are times where I comprehend a particular word but would not link the word to a particular pronunciation due to a lack of verbal communication. Words such as 'epitome,' or 'colonel,' would be better categorized as "tricky," as opposed to introducing colloquial terms such as 'gotta,' or 'wantsa.' The main complaint I have with this course is the actual pronunciation of the lessons. I am uncertain whether it is the sound quality of the audio files or whether the person recording is unable to pronounce the words they're supposed to be demonstrating. The sound bits are often nasally and contains an accent different to what a native speaker would sound like. The program does not appear to have an unenroll feature either, but that may be due to the ongoing promotion for the price of the program.

автор: Dr. G S R

Jul 25, 2017

Really a wonderful course and I picked up few interesting things like how helpful an innocuous looking technique of "shadowing a speech" can be, connected speech nuances, musicality element of speech, prosodic components etc etc.

MCQ assignments were really complementing the course content coverage and really brought in some challenging set of questions. At the same time though i felt some where those audio assignments were a tad easy to do, but no complaints about the overall content. This is my 4th course with UCI and I must say they have a wonderfulllllllll team and above all COURSERA I love you a lot..... May all success come to Coursera all the time...

автор: PUNIT K P

Apr 14, 2020

I liked the course very much because it mainly focusses on improving your pronunciation through the word stress and where to give more stress while speaking a word, how many syllables in a word and which syllable should be stressed more, the up-down rhythm of intonation and the sounds and linking of the words and consonants.

The faculty is very helpful in this their tips of improving sounds and for improving the sound of TH words that are very helpful. so I am very lucky that I had an opportunity to learn from the best faculty and to enroll in this course.


автор: Kaliakbarova Y

Jun 01, 2020

Linguistics, languages are very interesting, but I am a chemistry teacher, a little different thinking, in each new knowledge I find a certain structure, I had to change myself somewhere in pronunciation, perception of words by ear, I really liked the course. I discovered a lot of new things for myself, my attitude to the English language changed, and I began to listen to the pronunciation of words better. Thank you very much, I'm thinking of going back to language courses!

автор: Letícia M S

May 10, 2020

This course was beyond my expectations! It definitely ain't easy for you to finish. The practice parts take patience and resilience but it totally worths it! Also, it helped me a lot in this quarantine due COVID-19. I can totally see myself after all this pandemic seeking for a better job, with my certificate. Thank you so much to the teachers and UCI for approving my financial aid. I don't take this for granted! Much love for this course, teachers and university!

автор: Julian C

Apr 30, 2020

El curso es muy bueno, pero aparece como gratuito en caso de no queres certificado, y terminando la primer semana me solicita pagar para poder continuar. No puedo continuar el curso si no pago para el certificado, cuando al momento de inscribirme lo habia hecho sin solicitar certificado. Como puedo continuarlo sin pagar? o deberian aclarar esto de entrada!

автор: Marina F

May 10, 2020

This course is very comprehensive and complete; the explanations are clear and there are exercises to practice listening and some to practice production. It's great considering it's a multilevel course. My only note is that I wish there had been some more listening exercises to practice, because there is so much content. But other than that, great!

автор: Dr B P S

Apr 26, 2020

It's an amazing course for those who aren't English Native Speakers.

After completing this course, I started feeling more confident and enthusiastic to learn more and more.

My Special Thanks to the team UCI making me so confident.

My sincere thanks to COURSERA for providing me such a wonderful platform.


Dr Brij Pal Suthar


автор: S. S

Apr 24, 2020

It's a great course. It's more focused on learning and practice rather than making someone to be eligible for the course. This is unique and compulsory course for the ones who wish to speak and to understand American English. The teachers are really talented and made the program based on the learners requirement. Thank you teachers.

автор: Tran T T T

May 26, 2020

The course is pretty interesting and practical. It provided useful tips from American English native speakers. My classmates have shown me some common pronunciacion mistakes. Then I am improving and speaking American English better and better. After the class, you may recognize your linked words, intonation and natural speech.

автор: BALDI S S A

Apr 08, 2020

Hello dear teachers,

I would like to take the advantage of such opportunity and send my thanks to all of the teachers and Coursera community for their efforts. The course was extremely interesting to me and I have learnt much of skills about English language and particularly the part related to American English Pronunciation.

автор: Chadapa S

May 16, 2020

I am interested in American English pronunciation and this course helps me a lot to improve my listening and speaking English skills. I have gained the beneficial knowledge from it. Moreover, your course is very useful for me and other people who would like to study English because it is necessary for daily life.

автор: Hanna I

May 06, 2020

Wonderful course! My pronunciation wasn't bad, but I learnt smth new and had practise which is always helpful. Thanks for the clear presented information and wonderful tutors! I especially loved the section with English teachers tips. Thanks for your work!

And this is my first certificate from Coursera! Yay!

автор: Reshetniak S

Apr 30, 2020

I liked this course so much! But the main thing I get is, you won't be sounded like a native speaker unless you wil be in the area where you will hear natives' speech and try to cope it, it won't be enough practice in your non-English country, but as the theory about pnounciation, this course is the best!