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New ideas based on high-technology research have a high failure rate because they hit the ground running with lopsided priorities and misalignments. Students complete this course with an Innovation Creed (“Why are you doing this?”) and a customized Idea Filter (“Are you working on the right priorities?”)—2 simple tools that steer concept-stage commercialization to success.

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Субтитры: English

Только онлайн-курс

Начните сейчас и учитесь по собственному графику.

Прибл. 12 ч. на завершение

Предполагаемая нагрузка: 1-3 hours/week
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Субтитры: English

Syllabus - What you will learn from this course


3 hours to complete

Week 1 - Case for Action

Welcome to the technology commercialization revolution! And Foundational starting point: Your Innovation Creed...
12 videos (Total 96 min), 1 reading, 2 quizzes
Video12 videos
Welcome to the Revolution 16m
Interview with Rob Clark, Senior Vice President for Research and Dean of Engineering & Applied Sciences 8m
Interview with Duncan Moore, Vice Provost for Entrepreneurship 10m
Innovation Creed Books 5m
Dimensions around Innovation: Setting, Scope, Change 10m
Dimensions around Innovation: Technology 6m
Dimensions around Innovation: Integration5m
Dimensions around Innovation: Reach 3m
Personal Drivers: Your Innovation Creed9m
Team Creed 4m
Instructions for Week #1 Assignment4m
Reading1 readings
The TEAM Program10m
Quiz2 practice exercises
Exam for Week 140m
Innovation Creed Assignment12m


2 hours to complete

Week 2 - Why so hard?

Top reasons why commercializing technology is so difficult...
6 videos (Total 58 min), 1 quiz
Video6 videos
Top Challenges That Stunt Commercialization: #3 -­‐ #7 7m
Top Challenges That Stunt Commercialization: #8 -­‐ #16 10m
Questions That Uncover These Challenges 8m
Interview with Andrew Ainslie, Dean of the Simon Graduate School of Business 9m
Interview with Bill Anderson, Vice President of Business Development at Excelsior Medical 13m
Quiz1 practice exercises
Exam for Week 240m


1 hour to complete

Week 3 - Customizing Your Filter

Turning those challenges into an Idea Filter...
10 videos (Total 66 min), 1 quiz
Video10 videos
Perfect Answers to the World’s Perfect Idea 9m
Customizing YOUR Idea Filter: Add a Factor, Tweak the Wording, Assign Weights 6m
Customizing YOUR Idea Filter: Calibrate the Rating Scale, Determine Hurdles 7m
Test the Filter 5m
Idea Filter Books 5m
Medical Devices10m
Week 3 Assignment Part 19m
Idea Filter for Radical Invention 5m
Week 3 Assignment Part 2 3m
Quiz1 practice exercises
Idea Filter Assignment12m


2 hours to complete

Week 4 - Discussing Filters from Different Creeds hard?

Customizing Your Idea Filter: the best ideas for your particular Creed and Examples of various Filters for differing dimensions of Creed...
12 videos (Total 92 min), 1 quiz
Video12 videos
Life-Style Vs Investable/Scalable Innovation 6m
Social Entrepreneurship7m
Radical vs Incremental Innovation 15m
Using the Filter: Green Crayon Filtering 7m
Hypothetical Idea Being Scored 10m
Using the Filter to Rate a Collection of Ideas 11m
David Chauncey: Introduction & Filter Set Up11m
David Chauncey: Corporate Business Development 4m
David Chauncey: Rendering the Possibilities 5m
David Chauncey: Sales Calls and the Back of an Envelope6m
Closing Message 0m
Quiz1 practice exercises
Exam for Week 440m


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By MSJan 15th 2017

It is a great course to take for anyone who is active in field of technology commercialization.

By AFOct 30th 2017

Proved to be very useful for me personally. Would be great to see part 2 now!



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