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This course will transition you from working on a single computer to an entire fleet. Systems administration is the field of IT that’s responsible for maintaining reliable computers systems in a multi-user environment. In this course, you’ll learn about the infrastructure services that keep all organizations, big and small, up and running. We’ll deep dive on cloud so that you’ll understand everything from typical cloud infrastructure setups to how to manage cloud resources. You'll also learn how to manage and configure servers and how to use industry tools to manage computers, user information, and user productivity. Finally, you’ll learn how to recover your organization’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. By the end of this course you’ll be able to: ● utilize best practices for choosing hardware, vendors, and services for your organization ● understand how the most common infrastructure services that keep an organization running work, and how to manage infrastructure servers ● understand how to make the most of the cloud for your organization ● manage an organization’s computers and users using the directory services, Active Directory, and OpenLDAP ● choose and manage the tools that your organization will use ● backup your organization’s data and know how to recover your IT infrastructure in the case of a disaster ● utilize systems administration knowledge to plan and improve processes for IT environments...

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1 авг. 2020 г.

The best course so far. I feel like this course actually showed us things we would be doing day to day in the workplace. It's nice to problem solve since that will probably be a big chunk of the job.

15 янв. 2020 г.

This chapter is very interesting since describes a lot of the things that we have at the office running on the background but we never understood well. The material is well put together, congrats.

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автор: John G

19 июня 2021 г.

For me, this was hard to get through. Not enough puns. More puns please. The first 2 modules/classes in the google IT support professional certificate were good, and it was all new, and my adhd didn't get in the way of my concentration. But I started to notice further in, that the people in the videos are just reading a script, and they're not good actors. Some of the script reading is a bit monotone, until they actually know and connect with the content, and then they perform better, because they know the content. Or something. Anyways, better actors, more puns, and cute cats would make these courses a lot better. Probly won't happen, but just sayin.

автор: Irina F

28 мар. 2021 г.

A bit too many supplemental readings and too little practice. Some of the material in the readings is just documentation, not helpful unless you're dealing with a specific problem already. I have some experience in IT, so it was relatively easy for me to find time to mess around in qwiklabs and navigate through course material. But for beginners with no previous experience it might be too heavy, with not enough basics explained, especially in week 5. Would recommend if you want to brush up on your knowledge and learn something you might've overlooked + get a cerificate to put on your LinkedIn.

автор: John G

1 февр. 2021 г.

The course was fine. The instructor was enthusiastic. Sometimes the pronunciation was a little funny that even the TTS didn't know what he was saying. At least one of the links in the reading didn't work, which means that nobody really manages this course. It would be better if there was a real graded assignment for the final week. The content was fine and there was a good overview of what a System Administration would have to deal with. The Qwiklab activities were useful, but without the step by step instruction, I wouldn't be able to replicate them. I know that this job is not for me.

автор: Sarah L

5 февр. 2019 г.

This course was difficult for me to get through, mostly because of the dense material. However, by the end of the course, my peer reviewer reflected on how I was clearly an active professional in the industry...and I am actually a stay at home mom with no prior IT work experience. I worked in the film and theater industry before. So my recommendation would be, no matter how much of a slog this course is to get through, you will definitely walk away with a firm grasp of the concepts and language you will face in a real work environment.

автор: Sovereign O

5 июня 2020 г.

I really struggled with this entire course (Course 4) and it’s because I was so bored with the presentation. The wording on the quizzes was sketchy and even when I answered correctly, more than once, it was still marked wrong – which contradicted the lesson. Some of the labs didn’t work and gave error messages. And what bugs me about that is that this is an IT course, but rather than fix those issues, they were marked “optional” labs. This course was disappointing overall, but I did learn a significant amount of information.

автор: Lee T L

22 февр. 2019 г.

Highly recommended for people who hope to learn about the beauty of centralised management - using commercial or open-source solutions to lighten the IT person's workload, hardware lifecycle - teaching you to be a IT manager, back up solutions - safeguard your data and even coming up with a disaster recovery plan - know the drill when situation happens. Although the course is pretty intensive as it requires a whole lot of detailed reading, covering the keywords and making you understand the difference between one another.

автор: Christopher A

15 авг. 2019 г.

The course in itself is pretty great. I would recommend doing all of the optional labs. Peer-graded assignments on the other hand are terrible. I understand the concept, but many individuals do not grade by the rubric and grade harshly based on personal opinion. The grading scale is also skewed a bit to which receiving just "Average" ratings instead of "Above Average" will fail you for the assignment. The "Average" ratings should imply the standard passing requirements, not the failing ones.

автор: PJ D

11 авг. 2020 г.

A couple of the courses were very detailed an involved and gave me literal headaches. But I enjoyed this. The end tasks of you having to write out a review for different hypothetical companies was great. IT wasn't a "pick from these answers" test and it made me actually think and word things for myself. I also really enjoyed Devan (I think that's his name) as an instructor. Something about him really clicked. It didn't feel like he was reading off a script the whole time.

автор: Roberto V B

26 февр. 2019 г.

Everything in this course is Great but I cant give it 5 stars because most of the Qwiklabs do not grade properly or do not work at all. I'm only thankful that they are not part of the grading process in this course and are only used for example purposes and visual/physical learning understanding.

The rest of the course content is in Depth and definitely more than enough to understand the basics and complexes of System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services.

автор: Diana D

10 окт. 2020 г.

This course was really well done, and covers a lot of ground in a relatively short amount of time. I wish the subtitles/transcript had been edited by a human being because I found loads of errors. A significant amount of those errors used incorrect jargon, changed the meaning of the sentence, or were incorrectly transcribed due to the speakers' pleasant accent. It would make the course more accessible for all learners if the text were accurate.

автор: John K

13 июля 2020 г.

The course, by and large, is stellar. Easy to listen to presenters with clear concise explanations of concepts. My only concern is the LABS in the later stages of the course were not at all clear or complete. And why were there so many times a course segment that was either just click and continue (no questions or steps to do at all) or labelled as optional? What's the point of putting it in if students have the option to skip it entirely?

автор: Ewa ( B

2 нояб. 2020 г.

The course was very informative overall. Lots of information about Windows PowerShell commands and the Linux command-line. I wish there was more hands on labs towards the end of the course on topics such as backup, disaster planning, system administration, and possibly several sample system administration/consultation videos. Towards the end of the course there was a lot of supplemental reading information and less learning videos.

автор: Todd M

23 июня 2020 г.

As with all of the courses in this program so far, the course is presented well and the material appears to be very beneficial, but the sub-titles are awful. They're incorrect very often and appear to be created by a computer system with no human correction or oversight. I personally read the sub-titles during the initial video overview and then again when I review the material. Unfortunately, its hard to follow when its wrong.

автор: Paul P

21 июня 2020 г.

This was a great course, though a little on the difficult side. Part of the reason is because the tools in this course are not used by an average user. For example I didn't know that Active Directory Service comes free with Windows Server evaluation copy. As soon as I found that out I created my own Domain and connected a PC to it in a virtual instance. It helps to try this on ones own to tie it all together.

автор: Gabriele G

15 февр. 2019 г.

The true Sysadmin-to-be course. From Platform services, through Web Servers and Database Servers management up till Cloud applications to IT infrastructure, Role based access control and Directory services this course shows you how to manage multiple clients in small-large organizations and master the IT infrastructure in every business. Maybe too detailed on Active Directory and not so much on Web Servers.

автор: Maximus B

23 нояб. 2018 г.

Very good course, good job on the videos! I liked learning about all of these important subjects. One recommendation is that the audio in many of your videos (at least the microphone) seems to be going into one ear. It would be easier to concentrate if the audio was set to Mono rather than Stereo because of it being off-center. But I was still able to focus enough and learn the material. Thank you!

автор: Victor L

12 нояб. 2018 г.

Lots of info was covered in this course. I almost feel like it could have been split up into two parts. Maybe that was just my experience but I felt that it was quite a lot to take in and understand. Along with that I feel that the previous course could have focused more on Powershell/Linux exercises since it was difficult for me to grasp the concept from the small amount that were in the course.

автор: Ethan W

31 окт. 2019 г.

A lot of this information was too big to be covered in such a short time. If I had to suggest an improvement, I would probably suggest making the lessons less specific and more general - in this way, there would be a lot less information to digest at once. In a few of the lessons, each sentence spoken was a new thought with new information given, making it hard to follow along with.

автор: vignesh r

1 июля 2018 г.

Need some more detailed explanation on AD. Most of the sessions instructor suggesting too many items in supplemental reading. Also supplemental are too advance while studying. Need lab on active directory because previous courses can learn from home system but this one need server OS and need hands on experience like creating new user account, setup domain, applying group policies.

автор: Carlene C

14 апр. 2021 г.

Sometimes the information was confusing and difficult to follow. The labs were most frustrating and anxiety-producing. The course is too long and arduous. The IT jargon is overwhelming for someone with little technology proficiency. Overall, the course was interesting and the support was excellent most of the time. The encouragement received when asking for help was exceptional.

автор: Cynthia D S

26 июля 2020 г.

Excellent material. Very comprehensive. I would give this course 5 stars except for two things: 1) the convoluted QwikLab instructions and 2) the Active Directory section of the course. On this last item -- did anyone notice that the Active Directory screen shots are utterly horrible? Not viewable? This was deeply disappointing. Otherwise I would give this course 5 stars.

автор: Dylan P

6 мая 2021 г.

I liked most of this course. The content covered was good and the design of the course generally made sense. There were multiple parts where I found myself stuck, due to a sudden dump of information in long videos and/or multiple challenging labs. I think the core content is good and could be great with some tweaks to pace the content.

Overall, I would recommend the course.

автор: Brent K

5 июня 2018 г.

The course was overall good, but I had a problem with the final assignment. Nowhere in the instructions for the assignment could I find where it said you needed 5 process improvements for each. Only in the peer review rubric was that information present. I didn't pass the first time because I didn't bother with the peer review rubric until I started doing the peer reviews.

автор: Ian S

21 июня 2018 г.

Lots of great information. I really wish there was more interactive assignments using Google compute engine. How can you discuss virtualization, and not require students to demonstrate it? The same could be said about most of the course topics. Overall, I would recommend the course for it's scope and organization of material. The instructor is engaging and easy to follow.

автор: Deleted A

30 июня 2020 г.

I think personally this course is good for beginners who will dive into the world of IT, especially in the administration of systems and infrastructure services, which in this course there is also a lab for participants to practice directly what has been learned, this makes this course memorable. By practicing directly, participants can better understand what is learned.