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Much of the world's data resides in databases. SQL (or Structured Query Language) is a powerful language which is used for communicating with and extracting data from databases. A working knowledge of databases and SQL is a must if you want to become a data scientist. The purpose of this course is to introduce relational database concepts and help you learn and apply foundational knowledge of the SQL language. It is also intended to get you started with performing SQL access in a data science environment. The emphasis in this course is on hands-on and practical learning . As such, you will work with real databases, real data science tools, and real-world datasets. You will create a database instance in the cloud. Through a series of hands-on labs you will practice building and running SQL queries. You will also learn how to access databases from Jupyter notebooks using SQL and Python. No prior knowledge of databases, SQL, Python, or programming is required. Anyone can audit this course at no-charge. If you choose to take this course and earn the Coursera course certificate, you can also earn an IBM digital badge upon successful completion of the course. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate....

Лучшие рецензии

20 мая 2020 г.

Amazing course for beginners! The entire course is well structured and has good hands-on assignments. SQL is extremely essential for Database management and fun learning so please do try this one out!

22 апр. 2020 г.

The lessons were short and easy to follow, providing all the basics as well as a few more advanced topics, to get student quickly up-to-speed on databases and SQL and their application in D/S realm.

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автор: Yohanes A C G

5 сент. 2020 г.

I don't think the peer graded assignment is reviewed objectively based on the rubrics. The reviewer did not leave any comments about my "wrong" answers. I can not find where I did wrong as I already included the required clause in the query statements and got the right results. This is somehow disappointing. Even though I passed the course, but I got a lower score than I expected. I did not get any information about my "wrong" answer.

автор: Dang T L V

22 сент. 2019 г.

Too complicated to debug about the IBM tools, Its took me a tone of time just wandering to check password and username and too many errors without any solutions. I quite all the course not because I could not understand the content or could not do the exercises or lab, just because of the IBM tool too annoying, complicated and the instructions are out of date, also not details.

автор: Brandon I

24 июня 2018 г.

Not great -- mix of SQL and Python that doesn't do enough SQL. I learned a lot of Python just to make simple database connections and run SQL queries -- it doesn't do justice to Python and isn't very helpful to learn SQL that way. The course would be better with just more SQL, and probably not in IBM cloud services.

автор: Markus L

21 мая 2020 г.

the instructions weren't very clear and the assignments weren't challenging but they were really tedious. I stopped part way through the peer graded assignment simply because the questions annoyed me more than challenged me. IBM can do much better than this.

автор: Holt M

17 июля 2020 г.

The sql is easy, but the course makes it complicated for no reason. Instructions are incomplete on assignments, and issues are known to teaching staff. Ends up wasting 3 hours of time trying to solve known course issues.

автор: Riley S

20 авг. 2020 г.

Need to update instructions and screenshots for the ibm cloud site. Instructors dont respond to many questions in the forum and when they do their answers are often breif and vague

автор: Adam J L J H

24 мая 2020 г.

There were a lot of troubleshooting errors that I realise, were not only unique to me. These errors were not addressed properly and I ended googling some of these Issues

автор: Luca L

23 июня 2020 г.

The course has big technical issues that slow down the completion. I am quite disappointed by the application utilized in the course. The course lessons are good.

автор: Gopendra M

15 нояб. 2019 г.

DB2 is out of the marketing not many people want to learn it, maybe it's time to upgrade it to something latest

автор: Christophe D

13 июня 2020 г.

The use of IBM cloud was really frustrating as it was very slow and didn't work most of the time.

автор: WenQiang H

15 февр. 2020 г.

As a serial course in the "specialization", it's too simple, just made the learning path longer.

автор: Magdalena R

30 дек. 2018 г.

The content is adequate but I found it a bit boring. The classes did not keep my interest.

автор: Ibrahim A

6 апр. 2020 г.

Please review this course assets! especially IBM DB2 cloud service's availability !!!

автор: Xinxin Z

27 авг. 2019 г.

The cloud system has so many problems which will prevent us to submit our works.

автор: Shuang.W

2 мая 2020 г.

so many stuff are out of dates and some instructions were very unclear.

автор: Tanner L C

15 нояб. 2018 г.

Very poorly done. Not enough information on working in the cloud.

автор: Oleg S

29 сент. 2020 г.

every material in course not match interface of the programs

автор: Nitika K

20 сент. 2020 г.

Not suitable for non computers background students.

автор: Ray Y

15 июля 2019 г.


автор: abdelkarim b

3 мар. 2020 г.

The IBM tools are so unfriendly to new users

автор: Abhilash L

20 июня 2018 г.

Last few lessons are not clearly explained.

автор: Roderick W

4 апр. 2020 г.

The voice-over makes me wanna sleep.

автор: Long N K H

11 июня 2020 г.

The Lab env sometimes has trouble.

автор: Ashwin D

29 апр. 2020 г.

Expected more from an IBM course.