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О курсе

You will learn about the career paths that are available in journalism, and what opportunities the skill sets of a journalist can offer in other fields. You will explore areas such as being an international correspondent, self-publishing in journalism, as well as how to freelance in the field. You will be empowered to develop your own path in journalism, from being an active and informed consumer, to being a journalist. The worlds of business, communications, politics, education and marketing all utilize elements of journalism. This course also examines how to keep the trust of audiences through ethical, and responsible, journalistic practices. Sometimes, journalists need to be aware of their own safety. We will intelligently discuss how journalists around the world handle pressure, threats and other dangers while doing their jobs. Journalism - and journalists - are agents of change. Are you ready to become one too?...

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Jun 30, 2018

Fantastic Class! I have a BA in Journalism and I felt the Coursera/MSU SoJ Classes were indeed tougher and give a much better example of 'real world' than you will find in most class rooms.


Dec 07, 2016

Genuine course, which makes budding journalists aware about the dangers involved, dedication required, & precautions to be taken, as well as importance of business aspect in journalism.

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автор: Viraj G N S

Dec 07, 2016

Genuine course, which makes budding journalists aware about the dangers involved, dedication required, & precautions to be taken, as well as importance of business aspect in journalism.

автор: Maria R

May 30, 2016

I am so excited to begin a wonderful free lance career in Journalism. This course has given me the tools and knowledge to grow and achieve the respect of a professional Journalist.

автор: Keri A B

Jun 21, 2017

5 stars for the 4th course in the specialization. In this course I learned about fairness & balance, freelancing, international journalism, disaster situations, conflict of interest, covering world news, press rights and safety, ethics, plagiarism, and more.

As each of the courses has been, the lectures were succinct, with key term and information slides well placed. Engaging and thought provoking. As it should be, this 4th course was the most challenging. I earned my certificate!

I immediately enrolled in the capstone.

I highly recommend this course

автор: Ibtihal A B A Y A

Sep 16, 2018

A highly informative, applicable& easy to follow course by absolutely knowledgeable professors. The thorough, well-organized& engaging course content reflects the the professionalism & the extensive knowledge of the professors in this field. Really looking forward to enrolling in other courses by the same professors & Michigan State University . Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.

автор: mouna s

Feb 11, 2019

Like the classical sort of learning experience you get in the classroom. I wouldn t trade it for anything more fancier. Nice wit and a more or less fast pace. Good quiz paces and module design. It s the sort of teaching skills that help you climb a mountain step by step making sure your steps are sure with frequent verification of feeback (quizes)

автор: Tamer D A

Apr 07, 2018

Excellent course to complement the specialization. This component focuses on conflicts of interest, trust, how to treat sources and collect information like a professional journalist. This part contains assessments to consolidate the previous areas in the specialization.

автор: Tomelilla G

May 08, 2020

What made this course particularly valuable was the amount of assignments to be completed and reviewed. Ensuring that students wrote a personal and researched essay after almost every lesson really makes one work harder and delve deeper into journalism.

автор: Shane M R

Jun 30, 2018

Fantastic Class! I have a BA in Journalism and I felt the Coursera/MSU SoJ Classes were indeed tougher and give a much better example of 'real world' than you will find in most class rooms.

автор: Ng K A @ H

Apr 23, 2019

Enjoyed the in-depth insights and passionate sharing by the lecturers. Tutorial assignments challenged us to recap the key points and add in our own experiences.

автор: Bhavana

Jul 29, 2020

Iam honoured and privileged to be part of this wonderful course journalism through this course I gained most talented skills like knowledge, optimism adaptability, communication skills and lots of other great wondered skills mainly as a writer I have improved myself a lot so thank u so much for giving me this splendid opportunity for being part of your excellent course The journalism future and you course I have enjoyed this course so much at the same time through this course sure I know I have a great career path towards my journalistic field so I sincerely thank all of them who supported me throughout this course Iam obliged and very happy and this is a marvellous path of course where we can enhance our skills and this is the place/field where u can show ur talents in acheiving. Great miracles and wonders u can get apt from this course so frnds I assure you to enroll these course and be a part of this tremendous nice course and enjoy urself in this course and learn lot of new things from this journalism course this course sharpens our dreams and it will deepen our skills so Thank you all🙂👍

автор: VALERIA D

Sep 22, 2020

This was my favourite course. I loved every single word! The lecture about correspondents let me dream and hope that it's possible. I discover an incredible world that brings me positivity and allows me to be still alive. THANKS TO ALL!

автор: Loreen W

Sep 18, 2020

Any Journalist will be able to relate to everything being taught in this course. Even persons who aren't journalist would be inspired to become one after taking this course. I enjoyed every class literature! Kudos to the lecturers....

автор: Annisa R G

Sep 07, 2020

I like this course because it makes me know about journalism in specific and then i like video,assignment all about journalism it makes me want to learn about journalism thankyou

автор: Md S H

Feb 16, 2019

I am really excited to be a learner of this part of journalism. The instructors are really helpful indeed. I loved their teaching method. Thanks a lot

автор: Mary E P

Dec 06, 2018

Excellent course. I highly recommend for anyone who wants to be a journalists but also for anyone who wants to be a better consumer of the news.

автор: benard o o

Jul 28, 2017

Quite insightful and a wonderful approach plus prowess with every video. Best of all at the end you end up with options on how to advance.

автор: Rida A

Sep 24, 2020

I am very thankful to Michigan University for this course, It taught me the basics of Journalism and elevates my interest in this field.

автор: Cecilie L

Nov 22, 2018

This is an absolute must take course. As we learn about the field of journalism, we also write essay's, which helps with the writing.

автор: Odelin C

Jan 01, 2017

On ne devrait pas exercer le metier de journalisme sans suivre ce cours a l'avance. It is a great guide to lead the journalist.

автор: Tanvi N

May 21, 2020

The course was thorough and specific about diverse fields in journalism. I enjoyed the assignments and engagements.

автор: Coulibaly A D

May 23, 2019

It's very good, this class: Journalism, the future and you. It allows me to improve my skills of journalist.

автор: Michaela H

Jun 10, 2020

I learned a lot about methodic. I had opportunity to practice my english, which is always useful. Thank you

автор: S. M

Feb 28, 2017

My journey continue, this is my fourth step. Learning a lot with the professors I'm honoured to work.

автор: Marie V

Jun 11, 2016

I really enjoyed this class because it really hit on international issues for those who are abroad.

автор: Robert B S M

Apr 30, 2019

Excellent course. This information will come in handy for the me!...thanks...