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Inferential statistics are concerned with making inferences based on relations found in the sample, to relations in the population. Inferential statistics help us decide, for example, whether the differences between groups that we see in our data are strong enough to provide support for our hypothesis that group differences exist in general, in the entire population. We will start by considering the basic principles of significance testing: the sampling and test statistic distribution, p-value, significance level, power and type I and type II errors. Then we will consider a large number of statistical tests and techniques that help us make inferences for different types of data and different types of research designs. For each individual statistical test we will consider how it works, for what data and design it is appropriate and how results should be interpreted. You will also learn how to perform these tests using freely available software. For those who are already familiar with statistical testing: We will look at z-tests for 1 and 2 proportions, McNemar's test for dependent proportions, t-tests for 1 mean (paired differences) and 2 means, the Chi-square test for independence, Fisher’s exact test, simple regression (linear and exponential) and multiple regression (linear and logistic), one way and factorial analysis of variance, and non-parametric tests (Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis, sign test, signed-rank test, runs test)....

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24 июля 2020 г.

Feeling blessed to perform this course . It was truly an amazing experience for me to go though this course .Learned bunch of theories with their mathematical example.Thanks to the instructors.


12 февр. 2018 г.

Incredibly dense (which they warn you about) so the lecutres fly over so much important info it's hard to keep track of even with a strong focus. A very good overview though.

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автор: Li Z

7 июня 2020 г.


автор: Cao Z

31 мая 2020 г.


автор: Miguel C

6 июля 2020 г.

As the name suggests, this course delivers by teaching you the basics of inferential statistics - that is, conclusions based on samples. Definitely the most challenging course in the Methods and Statistics in Social Sciences specialization, and the most important takeaways are: 1) a beginner's look into programming with R and most importantly 2) a guide in understanding which test to use under each specific circumstance.

The only thing I think this course is missing is more preparation throughout the lectures, as sometimes the example exercises aren't enough (maybe add pop questions throughout each lecture, as it was done with Quantitative Methods, would be a good idea). This lack of extra preparation throughout the lectures makes the quizzes at the end of each week more difficult because you have to do extra research through other sources to fully understand the topics.

автор: Kristy E

28 окт. 2020 г.

The theoretical background into the different methods of statistical analysis, and most of the examples, were quite well done and easy to follow. I was hoping the R-lab assignments would require more work; for example: to show how to enter in a line of code (like the R-lab assignments did) and then give a second (similar) example that would reinforce how to use R properly).

Overall, I think the course is a worth-while one for students who are looking to review inferential statistics for use in the future (like I was).

автор: Jiakun P

6 дек. 2021 г.

T​he naming of the courses is a bit confusing. You call the previous course "basic stats" and this one "xxx stats", which could mislead others that this course is a continuation of the previous one or is more advanced. That's not true.

I​f you have learned econometrics and the preceeding course in this specialization, then you may not want to enroll for a better effect of study. Read the syllabus carefully at least.

автор: Eva

31 авг. 2017 г.

While the first course Basic Statistic was really thorough with step-by-step explainations, Inferential Statistics, near the end of the course sometimes rushed through some explanations. Therefor I sometimes needed extra literature to understand the calculations. Still, I highly recommend this course!

автор: Kayee M

11 дек. 2020 г.

Fun examples make listening to the lectures fun and impressionable, which helps with remembering the explanations. This course would have been perfect if there was a fill in as you go summary table to summarise when to use all the different statistical tests.

автор: Jiajing G

6 июля 2018 г.

The course is nice with much content and clear examples! So happy that I passed the final exam. But some transcripts in the videos are not correct and some steps in calculation were omitted. I hope reviews of quiz and exams are available.

автор: Saurabh P

7 янв. 2019 г.

Really a great course. It covers almost everything that is important in the subject. But maybe it could have been made better by adding the exercises more often than it is now as it covers a lot of syllabus.

автор: Richard J W

29 мар. 2016 г.

A good introduction with very good videos and exercises. I'm only not giving 5 stars due to the relative lack of clarity in the final week and the lack of feedback on the final exam.

автор: raunak r

8 янв. 2017 г.

Not giving 5 stars only because it was fast paced. With a low grasping power i had to watch the video again and again. Otherwise the content in the video is to the point.

автор: Liza S

16 дек. 2016 г.

I enjoyed this course. Being new to stats, I feel I needed more practice and extra examples. A lot of extra work and self-study helped me grasp and pass this course.

автор: Dragos A

14 сент. 2018 г.

The course is too compressed in my opinion but if you make it past the second week, the learning curve is not that steep anymore.

автор: Cassandra B

9 мая 2020 г.

Wish there was a way to accept alternative methods on R assignments - got the answer but would not accept string of code

автор: Luis L C S

12 дек. 2016 г.

Awesome however was a littler dificult to follow, I think it can be betther by a step by step practices...

автор: Mariëlle S

21 июня 2016 г.

Great course, not easy because lots of information is shared in a short time. But totally worth it!

автор: 刚铭君

11 июля 2020 г.

the quiz in this course really makes me crazy. I have to spend a lot of time to pass the exam.

автор: Po Y L

4 янв. 2018 г.

Compare to Basic Statistics, this is indeed a challenging course but worth the effort.

автор: Di M B

21 июня 2016 г.

Very good course to learn bases of statistics. I enjoyned. Thak you to the teachers.

автор: Francisco P

18 июня 2018 г.

It is a great course it will be next course that I shall take when I have more time

автор: Shaun M

26 июня 2020 г.

Challenging but worth it. I know substantially more than I did 7 weeks ago.

автор: RAVIKA C

10 июня 2019 г.

It is a little tough. But has a good amount of syllabus!

автор: Gopinath t P

24 апр. 2021 г.

it was a good experience

автор: Vikram S

21 июля 2020 г.

Nice experience.

автор: Peng W

20 дек. 2016 г.

Too fast.