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This course covers commonly used statistical inference methods for numerical and categorical data. You will learn how to set up and perform hypothesis tests, interpret p-values, and report the results of your analysis in a way that is interpretable for clients or the public. Using numerous data examples, you will learn to report estimates of quantities in a way that expresses the uncertainty of the quantity of interest. You will be guided through installing and using R and RStudio (free statistical software), and will use this software for lab exercises and a final project. The course introduces practical tools for performing data analysis and explores the fundamental concepts necessary to interpret and report results for both categorical and numerical data...

Лучшие рецензии

автор: MN

Mar 01, 2017

Great course. If you put in a little effort, you will come out with a lot of new knowledge. I recommend using the book after you have seen the movies. It gives a deeper picture of how it works. Great!

автор: ZC

Aug 24, 2017

This course by Professor Çetinkaya-Rundel is awesome because it is taught in a very clear and vivid way. Lab section and forum are so dope that I love them so much! Definitely strong recommendation!!!

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Рецензии: 237

автор: Lalu Prasad Lenka

Apr 22, 2019

Awesome Course

автор: Afzal Ahmed

Mar 22, 2019

Expertly designed course, Useful.

автор: Galin Dragiev

Mar 18, 2019

Very relevant to modern day needs of a data scientist/statistician. Easy to understand as a relative beginner.

автор: Akther Hossen

Mar 17, 2019

Excellent course.

автор: CHEN NI

Mar 15, 2019

Much better than the course offered by John Hopkins University on the same subject. Concepts are clearly explained with detailed examples. Nice course to solidify your statistics skills. And BTW, really cute professor :)

автор: Richard Millington

Mar 08, 2019

Generally a great course, but would benefit from a better explanation at times of how to use R effectively.

автор: Amarendra Singh

Feb 26, 2019

Had a great learning experience with in depth knowledge of statistics, inference and hypothesis. Structure of the course helped me grasp things in an organized way. The use of real time data to explain concepts had a great impact in making things easier to understand and relate to things around us.

автор: priyesh suman

Feb 25, 2019

This course is super and explained so well by the professor. I would recommend this course to anyone who has interest in data science

автор: Amit Chaudhary

Feb 18, 2019

The course is very well explained I had to refer other materials for ANOVA technique to understand it better hence that part can be either improved OR more reference material be provided

автор: Henri Menager

Feb 14, 2019