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О курсе

This course is intended as a self-study course for those interested in exploring a career as a Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide....

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28 мар. 2020 г.

Amazing course I have learned so much in these 13 weeks. I wold highly recommend this course to anyone looking to earn a degree or just get a good education in this field.

17 июля 2017 г.

Mega course! You learnt about the do's and don'ts of care, along with knowledge of the medical body and transferring patients from/to their wheelchair or the bed.

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автор: Joyce W

28 мар. 2020 г.

Amazing course I have learned so much in these 13 weeks. I wold highly recommend this course to anyone looking to earn a degree or just get a good education in this field.

автор: pamela b

31 мая 2018 г.

It is VERY Unnecessary to include information in text in regards to a human sexual functioning; when the course should focus on information related to the care of humans in need of home health services! a copy of text found in week 8 " Physical limitations may also make sexual intimacy more difficult in that a person with a physical disability may need to make adjustments in order to engage in intimacy. Making adaptive changes in order to fulfill sexual intimacy needs can cause a person stress." (what is this text trying to convey, what message are you sending to future HHA/PCA?) I find this inappropriate and demeaning to the home health profession! As a HHA in the USA, and having taken other home health related courses and training, never have I read an training text including sexual health and functioning pertaining to training aides to assist elderly and or other humans in need of home health services. Given this course is sponsor or adopted though a New York establishment i'm applaud! the content needs to be reviewed and rewritten! this course has text in earlier modules in the course where text including information of an individual sexual health and activity are mention! HOW this relevant to caring for a person in a home health care setting? INDEED IT IS NOT!!! The course info. should only be to teach the care of person needing home health in nutrition,hygiene and grooming care, medical and medication,first aid treatment, house cleaning and care, etc.. NOT a human being sexual health concerns and needs!! DUE to this content error, I refuse to continue the course as a student.

автор: Mizanur R

20 окт. 2017 г.

Great introduction for Assisting in Home Care. This course is very informative and timely. Information is easy to understand and quizzes are designed to reinforce understanding. Text, audio files, pictures and videos are used to help students grasp the subject matter. The course could be more useful and fun if more videos are added.

автор: Linda M

31 авг. 2021 г.

the information is easy to stick in one's busy brain, the videos really helped to consume the info. You'd think it'd take just a little time but the questions are designed in a way that will force you to go back and read if you skipped material

автор: norrika n b

24 сент. 2020 г.

I think more videos should've been including instead of so much reading. not every one can visualize, they need to see the entire action played out since this is a online course not hands on. but it was very a great course.

автор: Dominique J A W

18 июля 2017 г.

Mega course! You learnt about the do's and don'ts of care, along with knowledge of the medical body and transferring patients from/to their wheelchair or the bed.

автор: Katia K

19 апр. 2019 г.

I have to take care of my mother and now I´m very conscious for each issue and help her in the home and assistance her for the daily living.

автор: k M

29 окт. 2021 г.

its a great informative, and their video makes us comfortable to understand. thanks a lot

автор: Ryan W J T

9 дек. 2021 г.

Great course

автор: Priya S

1 апр. 2021 г.

The course was very helpful in understanding various aspects of Care and more so Elderly Care.

The content and explanation was easy to understand, very informative and very helpful even at a personal level for elders in your own home.

The videos provided excellent understanding of various things explained in writing.

A great course.

автор: Magdalene M A

12 июня 2020 г.

Great course, i've learnt a lot. The course is loaded but equips you enough for the role. It teaches you a part of health care that is very essential but does not get the needed attention it deserves, especially, at where i am in Africa. Im a nutritionist and i found this course very useful to my work. You should try it.

автор: Ivan

8 июля 2018 г.

It really gives you a base, a foundation to learn how to behave and what to do in specific situations, with specific poeple. But, more important, this course will teach you ethics. Ethics and technical skills are all you need, if you work as a competent caregiver (I'm using the wrong term, I know...)

автор: Selwyn P C

17 окт. 2016 г.

This is by far one of the best courses I've done at Coursera. It served the purpose I had in mind, as a practical review of many basic human services process and proceedures. I recommend it for both the induction to and review of these fundmentals.

автор: Sharon P

5 мар. 2021 г.

El Curso ha sido muy interesante para mi. Obtuve suficiente informacion para realizar el trabajo en esa area. Fue de mucha ayuda y muy profesional el contenido. Agradezco a Coursera por la oportunidad recibida de estudiar en linea este curso.

автор: Priscilla K M

17 дек. 2020 г.

I love this course about Home Health Aid and Personal Care Aid. If there is more even in line with the foundation for assisting in Home Care that I have done. I am very much willing to go for more studies. I enjoyed it, and I loved it.

автор: Alan P G L

15 окт. 2020 г.

I´m very happy for achieving my goals with this course, also, appreciate everything coursera and the university have done. Thank you so so much!

автор: Jimmy G

6 апр. 2021 г.

I learned so much skills about the home care, I really enjoy it and adapt to be ready to get a new job. I feel confident now about Homecare.

автор: Channa H

14 июля 2019 г.

Terrific course. Material covers a wide range of topics. I highly recommend taking this course for all home health care professionals.

автор: Diana C C

3 июля 2017 г.

This is a great course, I would recommend for any one looking forward to joining the home health care industry. Good work.

автор: Tanine J

7 февр. 2021 г.

This was a very good course. The course provide all the skill and information needed to ensure the care of any patient,

автор: Rodriguez, E

20 янв. 2018 г.

Excellent course, easy to understand and at the same time with very specific and timely information!!

автор: Escobar C

9 окт. 2018 г.

a lot information, thank you so much for this course. really impress about all items thats covered .

автор: Oluchukwu N

19 янв. 2021 г.

This was an excellent course. I got all the knowledge I need to upgrade as a Home Care Aide

автор: sandra m t a

14 авг. 2020 г.

excelent!!!!! The information is precise. thank!!! I would like to obtain certification.

автор: Anuradha

22 мая 2021 г.

I really enjoyed doing this course very informative and helpful in daily life