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Optimization is a common form of decision making, and is ubiquitous in our society. Its applications range from solving Sudoku puzzles to arranging seating in a wedding banquet. The same technology can schedule planes and their crews, coordinate the production of steel, and organize the transportation of iron ore from the mines to the ports. Good decisions in manpower and material resources management also allow corporations to improve profit by millions of dollars. Similar problems also underpin much of our daily lives and are part of determining daily delivery routes for packages, making school timetables, and delivering power to our homes. Despite their fundamental importance, all of these problems are a nightmare to solve using traditional undergraduate computer science methods. This course is intended for students who have completed Basic Modelling for Discrete Optimization. In this course you will learn much more about solving challenging discrete optimization problems by stating the problem in a state-of-the-art high level modeling language, and letting library constraint solving software do the rest. This course will focus on debugging and improving models, encapsulating parts of models in predicates, and tackling advanced scheduling and packing problems. As you master this advanced technology, you will be able to tackle problems that were inconceivable to solve previously. Watch the course promotional video here:

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Nov 16, 2019

Thank you so much! This course wasn't easy, but the material and assignments are very well thought out. Kept me motivated all the way through.


Oct 03, 2017

very rewarding and challenging assignments, thank you for this great course!

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автор: Alex D

Sep 25, 2018

Great course for those who would like to divert from procedural and object-oriented programming and challenge themselves. The course promotes developing holistic thinking in discrete optimization, as solving most assignments to full grade usually requires developing some really good “global constraints” (these beasts have already appeared in the “Basic Modeling for Discrete Optimization” course). Although the fable based learning approach may frustrate some academic snobs, I guess it is generally fun and does not hinder the essence of the course. Highly recommended.

автор: Carlos V

May 14, 2017

Advanced Modeling for Discrete Optimization is an Excellent course, very challenging and satisfying at the same time; I will highly recommend this course to anyone that is serious about Discrete Optimization.

I will also to extend my thanks to Prof. Jimmy Ho-Man Lee and Prof. Peter James Stuckey for putting together this astounding course and the staff that work in this exceptional narrative to explain the concepts.


автор: Jan G

May 12, 2019

very good course to learn how to get the most (or even something) out of your solver.

my only tiny remark is that MiniZinc evolved a lot over the years (which is good), which sometimes makes it hard to look for a setting. e.g. restart is now a search annotation, can I still set it as a solver argument (from the command line)?

in any case, keep up the good work!

автор: Alexandre P

Sep 04, 2017

Amazing course! Great instructors and course materials of high quality. I enjoyed very much learning more about advanced modeling for discrete optimization. Will recommend this course and acquire more knowledge in this field!

автор: jerome

Nov 26, 2017

Lively and engaging course.

If you found "basic modeling" fun, then "advanced modeling" is just as fun, but be warned the assignments will require somewhat more time: about the time indicated, maybe more.

автор: Olivier B

Mar 15, 2017

Excellent course with very supportive staff and professors on the forum. On top of that aligning the assignments to "The Romance of Three Kingdoms" story makes it fun to follow along.

автор: Philippe C

Feb 18, 2018

Great course! I particularly appreciated the assignment and the staging which lets you build the final solution in a progressive manner. Looking for course 3 now...

автор: Boris O

Nov 16, 2019

Thank you so much! This course wasn't easy, but the material and assignments are very well thought out. Kept me motivated all the way through.

автор: Yorgos

Feb 21, 2018

Great course! Good presentation and lectures, challenging assignments. Learned a lot

автор: Kamen P

Oct 03, 2017

very rewarding and challenging assignments, thank you for this great course!

автор: Geoff G

Jun 11, 2018

Fantastic course that really makes you think long and hard.

автор: Lozkins A

Jan 12, 2018

Nice course for modelling skills upgrade.

автор: Siwei G

Mar 21, 2017

Looking forward to course 3!

автор: Tiago S

Aug 01, 2020


автор: Luis V

Jan 31, 2020

A real gem


Mar 02, 2020

very good course and a good complement to the first course. I personally regret that the assignment description are a bit fuzzy and hard to understand for a non native english (lot of words i don't know) and not knowing chinese history too. But still happy to have followed these 2 courses, many thanks to the teachers

автор: Leo

Jun 20, 2019

Slight hard, useful for review for the earlier 2 courses