Специализация Strategic Management and Innovation

Начинается Aug 27

Специализация Strategic Management and Innovation

Manage 21st Century Business Strategy. Develop and implement an innovative business approach in just three courses.

Об этой специализации

This Specialization explores the evolving world of business strategy, focusing on the increasingly important roles of design, user experience, and innovation in shaping competitive advantage. You’ll learn about concepts such as goal setting, value creation, global integration, and diversification, and you’ll critique classic theories and frameworks in the context of new business realities. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll create and defend a holistic business strategy in response to a realistic case study prompt.


4 courses

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Beginner Specialization.
No prior experience required.
  1. 1-Й КУРС

    Strategic Management

    Предстоящая сессия: Aug 27
    4 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week
    English, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazilian)

    О курсе

    The world of business strategy is in transition. What used to work doesn't anymore -- not necessarily. This course prepares you to think strategically in an age when companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have become more valuable (in mark
  2. 2-Й КУРС

    Strategy Formulation

    Текущая сессия: Aug 20
    English, Romanian

    О курсе

    The purpose of this course is to present, analyze and discuss the different facets of business strategy formulation. Emphasizing that strategy can be seen as a unified theme that provides coherence and direction to the actions and decisions of a firm, w
  3. 3-Й КУРС

    Strategy Implementation

    Текущая сессия: Aug 20
    2-4 hours per week
    English, Romanian

    О курсе

    Even a thoroughly developed business strategy may fail if you don't pay enough attention to its implementation. This rings particularly true with strategies based on innovation or implemented in complex or fast-changing environments. In the 20th century succ
  4. 4-Й КУРС

    Strategic Management - Capstone Project

    Текущая сессия: Aug 13

    О дипломном проекте

    In this capstone project course, we revisit the strategy controversy at e-Types, introduced in the first course in this specialization, Strategic Management, and further analysed in each of the subsequent courses, Strategy Formulation and St


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  • Robert Austin

    Robert Austin

    Professor, Management of Creativity and Innovation
  • Marcus Møller Larsen

    Marcus Møller Larsen

    Assistant Professor, Strategic Management and Globalization
  • Nicolai Pogrebnyakov

    Nicolai Pogrebnyakov

    Associate Professor