Специализация Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work

Начался Mar 27

Специализация Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work

A Compass for Navigating Professional Challenges

Many successful people know the content of Professional IQ; you should, too!

Об этой специализации

In this Specialization, Professional IQ: Preventing Solving Problems at Work, learners use real-world dilemmas and ethical problems experienced by professionals around the world to clarify and articulate their personal values as a foundation for the issues they face. Many successful people use these skills every day—and you should too: making strong decisions; recognizing and avoiding career-damaging pitfalls; preventing and resolving conflicts so as to be value-added members of teams; knowing how and when to apologize effectively; knowing how to ask constructive questions that advance work; and honing leadership skills—whether for being influential at work or holding a position of authority. Learners develop a Personal Leadership Credo, as part of a portfolio applying the skills from the course in situations that learners develop themselves. This Specialization features guest speakers from the following organizations: The University of Illinois Community Credit Union; ZipDX; Rosentreter Group; University of Kansas; Studio Helix Medical Exercise and Bodywork, LLC; Advanced Micro Devices; Vedder Price, P.C.; Circuit Court of Cook County; Sierra Training Associates Inc.; and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. For the names and biographies of individual guest speakers, please see the "Guest Experts" page within each course.


4 courses

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Beginner Specialization.
No prior experience required.
  1. 1-Й КУРС

    Основы профессиональной идентичности

    Текущая сессия: Mar 27–May 1.
    Продолжительность курса - 4 недели, 2-3 часа в неделю.

    О курсе

    Многие испытывают разочарование в карьере из-за недостаточной подготовки к предсказуемым дилеммам, которые регулярно происходят в мире работы. Двое из пяти профессионалов оказываются уволенными за вранье или плохое обращение с оборудованием. Этого легко избежать! Или нет? Что если вам придется пойти на компромисс со своими ценностями, чтобы сохранить работу? Что если вас попросят солгать или смошенничать, и несмотря на это вы знаете, что будете уволены, если вас обнаружат? Что если вы обнаружите, что ваша компания нарушает закон? Успешные люди знают и имеют навыки, преподаваемые в данной специализации. Вам они тоже необходимы. Те, кто хотят изменить ситуацию, создать положительную репутацию, стать лидерами и продвинуться по карьерной лестнице, должны культивировать в себе навыки профессионального успеха, наряду со специфическими навыками своей профессии. К центральным темам данного курса относятся: познание себя и своих ценностей, распознавание и встреча с этическими трудностями, использование аналитических рамок для принятия решений, выявление потенциальных ошибок, а также разработка инструментов для использования в нужный момент, - все это необходимые навыки для успеха на работе. Обобщая сказанное выше, этические рамки - это необходимость, а не просто красивые слова; смарт-этика, как мы определяем её, является неотъемлемой частью успеха.
  2. 2-Й КУРС

    Shaping Your Professional Brand

    Текущая сессия: Mar 27–May 1.
    4 weeks of study, 5 hours/week

    О курсе

    You've thought about who you are and how you want your career to be. You have some skills to deal with situations that could cause problems. What about the team around you? How do you build functional and constructive professional relationships? How can you add value? What do employers look for when they are promoting? Skill-building in this course will include asking questions, listening, developing likeability (you’d better be stellar if you’re difficult), identifying cognitive bias, apologizing, receiving apologies, and the basics of whistleblowing. After this course, you will be able to: - assess your own listening and reactions and retune them in advance or on the spot for a more constructive outcome - add value at work by keeping situations easy instead of difficult - manage your own approach - be prepared when things go wrong The prerequisite for this course is Course One of the Specialization "Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work".
  3. 3-Й КУРС

    Leadership and Influence

    Текущая сессия: Mar 27–May 1.

    О курсе

    The only thing you get to change is yourself, and in the prerequisites to this course we’ve given you real tools to do that. Now, use those tools to influence the course of your future, your team's future, and your organization's future. Make a plan for yourself that will help you help others, and learn skills to make it happen. Listening and being sure of your values underpins everything that comes with professional influencer and leadership skills. We’ll go on to look at self-assessment and leadership planning, negotiation, addressing and resolving conflict, and successfully identifying and promoting circumstances you want. After this course, you will be able to: - state your own mission and plan with confidence - negotiate and persuade - deal with difficult people - contribute to crafting a working environment you want to work in The prerequisites for this course are Courses One and Two of the Specialization "Professional IQ: Preventing and Solving Problems at Work".
  4. 4-Й КУРС

    Professional IQ Capstone

    Начинается Coming Soon

    О дипломном проекте

    The capstone project, for those wishing to earn a certificate, is to design a Personal Leadership Credo: personal values, quotes and beliefs; a personal dilemma in 2MC style that gets worked through using DMF and TRAGEDIES; some personal scripts; and a personal leadership development plan.


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