Client Booking & Scheduling with Picktime

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You will be able to create a Picktime account and configure its settings.

You will be able to add team members and clients.

You will be able to create services, classes, and resources.

You will be able to schedule appointments and set up online booking.

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This course will help you will develop a streamlined, user friendly scheduling tool that will allow you to easily manage client appointments and improve your team and time management. Picktime lets you add services, classes, and resources, allowing you to schedule all of your business needs in one platform. From booking client appointments, to creating a reservation system for equipment and meeting rooms, Picktime can help you better manage and oversee your business operations. This project is an introduction course which will walk you through the program step by step. From how to set up a Picktime account to creating a website to maximize the full capabilities and features of the program, this is a hands on project from beginning to end. It is designed for business owners and managers looking to enhance their scheduling capabilities.

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