Who is this class for: Do you want to understand how the software that runs computers works, and how it is built? Do you wish to become a more competent programmer, and get a deep, hands-on understanding of some of the most fascinating gems in applied computer science? Or... do you simply get a kick from building cool systems? If so, then welcome to Nand to Tetris, Part II! you are going to work hard, and enjoy every moment along the way.

Created by:  Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Commitment7 weeks, each week entailing about 3 hours of video lectures and 10-15 hours programming project.
Hardware ReqYou'll need a personal computer -- any kind and OS is fine.
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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4.9 stars
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Ratings and Reviews
Rated 4.9 out of 5 of 94 ratings

actually greatest course ever!


Great Course!

The course becomes so hard for me since week 4 when we started developing compiler.

Each assignment I spent 5 hours watching videos and making notes, 10 hours coding, and 10+hours debugging.

My feeling:

It turns out that although it is: time-consuming (I am a master student in environmental management with a full course schedule, projects for week 4,5,6 made me postpone to this section) and mentally challenging (I am not well-educated on software design and algorithms so I spent a lot of time debugging my code, fail, edit, fail, edit,..)

However, the sense of accomplishment when I finally got 100 for each project (almost) is incomparable, unique, and unparalleled. Love this course!


Hope we could redesign the week 4,5,6. The workload exponentially increased and reached the maximum in week 5. My strategy was postponing and postponing until I got time to work the assignment out. I hope we could reestimate the workload (maybe separate week 5, 6 into two weeks, perspectively. The videos are 3+ hours long😂)

In the end, love this course. Shimon and Noam are excellent instructors, their teaching style is very enlightening, the slide animation is great for illustrating processes clearly.

Just as the first part of the course the second course is equally interesting. So much information to learn from this course yet taught in a very student friendly, intuitive and interactive way. Doing the programming exercises makes this course even more exciting. Check it out!