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Web DesignWeb AccessibilityHtmlHtml5

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Прибл. 10 часа на выполнение

Предполагаемая нагрузка: 3 weeks of study, 2-4 hours/week...


Субтитры: Английский

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Week One

This week we will uncover the "mystery" behind the Internet. What happens when you type a URL into your browser so that a webpage magically appears? What is HTML5 and what happened to HTML 1 - 4? We will also cover some practical concepts that you need to master before you begin coding your own pages.

6 видео ((всего 51 мин.)), 8 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
6 видео
01.02 - The Evolution of HTML9мин
01.03 - How it Works: The "Magic" of Page Requests9мин
01.04 - Looking at Your Browser Options5мин
01.05 - Editors: How to use an editor to create an HTML file14мин
How to use CodePen2мин
8 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Required Materials10мин
Optional Resources10мин
OPTIONAL - The browser wars10мин
OPTIONAL - The origins of MOSAIC10мин
OPTIONAL - How well does your browser support html5?10мин
Notice for Auditing Learners: Assignment Submission10мин
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Week One - HTML/Web basics
4 ч. на завершение

Week Two

This week you will need to take a deep breath and jump into coding. I will cover a large number of HTML tags, but it is important that you do more than just listen to these video and read the text book material. You need to practice (and fail!) in order to learn. Believe it or not, once you master the basic idea of using tags and attributes you will know everything you need to use any HTML5 tag. The page may not look the way you want it to look yet, but you will be able to use text, links, images, tables, and even music and videos! If you want to refer to a textbook this week for reinforcement of concepts, we will be using the Shay Howe online textbook as a reference. I will include links after the lectures, but some students prefer to read before the videos. (My preferred approach is to read/watch/read again.)

10 видео ((всего 90 мин.)), 4 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
10 видео
02.02 - HTML5 Tags and Syntax12мин
02.03 - Semantic Tags6мин
02.04 - Template Page7мин
02.05 - Images9мин
Font Awesome Demo8мин
02.06 - Hyperlinks9мин
02.07 - Multimedia7мин
02.08 - Tables8мин
02.09 - Useful Tags11мин
4 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Readings1ч 30мин
Starter template page10мин
Alternative Text10мин
1 практическое упражнение
5 ч. на завершение

Week Three

Okay, you created a file...what now? This week we will begin by covering the important but often overlooked concepts of validation and accessibility. Did you follow the DOM structure when you created your page? Did you use semantic tags to make sure that page viewers can access all of the information, even if they have physical or cognitive disabilities? This is knowledge you can use if you would like to pursue a career as a web accessibility specialist. Finally I will briefly cover the steps needed to post your site to the web. There are many free and paid services that you can use to get your work off your computer and on to the Internet.

11 видео ((всего 72 мин.)), 5 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 3 тестов
11 видео
03.02 - Validating Your Site7мин
03.02a - Wave7мин
03.02b - Funkify4мин
03.03 - Hosting Your Site5мин
03.04 - cPanel8мин
3.04a - Creating a GitHub Pages Account5мин
3.04b - Uploading to GitHub Pages Account8мин
03.05 - Using Secure File Transfer Protocol7мин
03.06 - Final Project Demo2мин
03.07 - Closing3мин
5 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Does your browser support accessibility?10мин
Putting Your Code Out on to the Web10мин
Final Project Description10мин
Watch for a link to more material10мин
2 практического упражнения
Hosting and Validation10мин
Final Quiz - Putting it Together18мин
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автор: ABSep 27th 2017

I really enjoyed everything about this course. I thought the exercises/quizzes were fair and the instructor showed me many things that will serve me well going forward. Great course, great instructor!

автор: TBNov 11th 2017

Good introduction to web development. The teacher (Colleen van Lent) has great attitude and seems interested in getting students themselves interested... she explained the intro topics very clearly.



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О специализации ''Веб-дизайн для всех. Основы разработки веб-приложений и написания кода'

This Specialization covers how to write syntactically correct HTML5 and CSS3, and how to create interactive web experiences with JavaScript. Mastering this range of technologies will allow you to develop high quality web sites that, work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, and large screen browsers accessible. During the capstone you will develop a professional-quality web portfolio demonstrating your growth as a web developer and your knowledge of accessible web design. This will include your ability to design and implement a responsive site that utilizes tools to create a site that is accessible to a wide audience, including those with visual, audial, physical, and cognitive impairments....
Веб-дизайн для всех. Основы разработки веб-приложений и написания кода

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