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Мэрилендский университет в Колледж-Парке

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Неделя 1

5 ч. на завершение

Identifying and Analyzing the Opportunity

5 ч. на завершение
28 видео ((всего 281 мин.)), 4 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
28 видео
Setting up a formal structure for corporate entrepreneurship3мин
What are entrepreneurial opportunities?11мин
Asking for ideas from employees5мин
What impact do knowledge conditions have in your industry?16мин
Are the demand conditions in your industry favorable?20мин
What is the lifecycle stage of your industry?15мин
Is the industry capital intensive?14мин
Is the industry advertising intensive?13мин
Are you trying to enter a concentrated market?5мин
What is the average size of a company in the industry?12мин
What demographic changes are creating new market needs?11мин
What psychographic changes are opportunistic?8мин
What technical advancements are emerging?11мин
What societal changes are presenting new opportunities?6мин
What political and regulatory forces will influence the market?8мин
How does the learning curve influence your success?10мин
What complementary assets are critical to develop?11мин
What is the reputation of your competitors?7мин
What is value innovation?6мин
What existing factors can you eliminate?6мин
Where can you reduce factors and not reduce value?5мин
Which factors can you raise above competitors?8мин
What new factors can you create?5мин
Is the problem real?7мин
Does your solution create value for your stakeholders?9мин
Is your advantage superior and sustainable?15мин
Can you build the right team at the right time?15мин
4 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Meet Dr. James V. Green10мин
The Opportunity Analysis Canvas10мин
Explore the Online Master of Professional Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship5мин
1 практическое упражнение
Opportunity Analysis2мин

Неделя 2

4 ч. на завершение

Building the Business Model

4 ч. на завершение
24 видео ((всего 170 мин.)), 3 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
24 видео
Product-market fit: The heart of the business model8мин
Walkthrough of the Business Model Canvas - Part 15мин
Walk-through of the Business Model Canvas - Part 24мин
How do you develop a business model?6мин
Why talk to customers? What do they know?5мин
How to get insights from customers11мин
What to do before the interview5мин
Building a pipeline of customer interviews7мин
What to do after the interview3мин
Cold calling 1016мин
Why have customer segments at all?6мин
Customer segments, value propositions, and product features12мин
Customer types8мин
Customer segments and business models6мин
Minimum viable product (MVP)7мин
Crossing the chasm5мин
What is a channel?10мин
Product-channel fit7мин
Cost structure6мин
Key activities9мин
The rest of the business model canvas3мин
Key partnerships8мин
Key resources5мин
3 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Meet Dan Gordon10мин
Business Model Generation10мин
Talking to Humans10мин
1 практическое упражнение
Initial Business Model Canvas18мин

Неделя 3

2 ч. на завершение

Crafting Strategies for Innovation Initiatives

2 ч. на завершение
12 видео ((всего 120 мин.)), 2 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 1 тест
12 видео
How can an audit reveal innovation competence and weakness?10мин
How many ways can companies innovate?11мин
How does innovation occur at different business levels?6мин
How does technology uncertainty influence an innovation in the marketplace?9мин
What are key "associating" skills of innovators?10мин
How do innovation managers survive an innovation project?9мин
What's inside an innovation portfolio?8мин
How do disruptive innovations change the marketplace?11мин
How are innovations revealed in a blue ocean strategy?11мин
How can lead users contribute to an innovation strategy?9мин
How can open innovation become an entrepreneurial strategy?11мин
2 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Meet Dr. Thomas J. Mierzwa10мин
Managing Innovation10мин
1 практическое упражнение
Innovation Roadmap2мин

Неделя 4

3 ч. на завершение

Building the Proposal

3 ч. на завершение
20 видео ((всего 118 мин.)), 3 материалов для самостоятельного изучения, 2 тестов
20 видео
The entrepreneurial spectrum6мин
The "too typical" return on investment (ROI) process7мин
Finance for the corporate entrepreneur3мин
A better approach to return on investment (ROI)4мин
Intangible assets and return on investment (ROI)4мин
Financial statement basics4мин
Financial statement details7мин
Sources of funding8мин
Internal funding3мин
Customer and vendor financing3мин
Joint ventures8мин
Licensing agreements6мин
Business proposals and the pitch3мин
How to write an effective business proposal3мин
What do your funding sources want to see4мин
How to create a pitch deck7мин
Do's and don'ts of the pitch12мин
3 материала для самостоятельного изучения
Meet Michael R. Pratt10мин
Entrepreneurial Finance10мин
Earn a Degree Online in Entrepreneurship and Innovation5мин
2 практических упражнения
Final Business Model Canvas4мин
Final Pitch4мин



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Специализация Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovating within Corporations: общие сведения

For an increasing number of established companies, creating new business opportunities within the company is an imperative for success. Maturing technologies and aging product portfolios are requiring companies to create, develop, and sustain innovative new businesses. The Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization is designed for those interested in learning how to innovate and apply entrepreneurship principles in the corporate setting. Learners will develop knowledge on how to navigate the barriers to creating, developing, and sustaining innovative new businesses or initiatives within existing companies. These new activities rarely fit neatly within well-established systems, processes, and cultures. Learners will develop the skills, and learn the tools and best practices, for identifying and developing the entrepreneurial opportunities, building business models, creating strategies for leading innovation, and financing innovation. These four topics comprise the four courses of the Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization, along with a final project. The Corporate Entrepreneurship Specialization is for individuals who are charged and/or inspired to develop and lead new businesses within established companies. It's specifically designed for junior- and middle-managers with the the opportunity, or responsibility, to start new businesses or initiatives within their company or division, in any industry, and in any country....
Corporate Entrepreneurship: Innovating within Corporations

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