Dr Jens Oliver Zinn

Associate Professor in Sociology


    <p>Jens O Zinn is Associate Professor in Sociology at the University of Melbourne. He has worked in a number of research centres and networks such as&nbsp;<i>Status Passages and Risks in the Life Course</i>&nbsp;in Bremen (1995-1999),&nbsp;<i>Reflexive Modernization</i>&nbsp;in Munich (1999-02) and&nbsp;<i>Social Contexts and Responses to Risk</i>&nbsp;at the University of Kent (2003-08) before he joined the University of Melbourne in 2009.</p> <p>His research is related to work and occupation, social inequality, the life course/biography, organization/administration, governance/planning and social change. His work focusses on a number of concepts such as risk, uncertainty and ignorance, emotions, knowledge, power and time. He is particularly interested in exploring new research strategies.</p> <p>He is teaching a wide range of subjects among these are Living in a Risk Society, Understanding the Life Course, Contemporary Social Problems and Critical Analytical Skills.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>He is passionate about teaching and is currently running a MOOC on Risk.</p> <p>He published a number of books and peer-reviewed articles such as&nbsp;<i>Risk in Social Science</i>&nbsp;(with P. Taylor-Gooby 2006), Oxford University Press and&nbsp;<i>Theories of Risk and Uncertainty</i>&nbsp;(2008), Blackwell. One of his most quoted articles is Heading into the Unknown. Everyday Strategies for Managing Risk and Uncertainty in&nbsp;<i>Health, Risk &amp; Society</i>&nbsp;10(5),&nbsp;439-450.</p>


    Living in a Risk Society