Специализация Understanding Modern Finance

Начинается Sep 22

Специализация Understanding Modern Finance

Revealing the Meaning Behind Numbers and Formulas . . .

Об этой специализации

This Specialization is designed for a wide audience of those interested in finance either professionally or just of curiosity, including managers of different levels specializing in finance, accounting, business planning, strategy, consulting, and project management, IT specialists engaged in the area of finance, fin-tech, big data, and valuation, etc. Through four courses and the final Project, you will cover the theory and practice of capital markets and financial institutions, corporate finance and project valuation, financial and managerial accounting as applied to finance, as well as the M&A market as the ultimate judge of financial efficiency and value creation. The Specialization will prepare you to understand and use the applications of financial ideas, concepts, models, strategies, and tools to build a successful career in finance and in business, as well as to take advantage of opportunities offered by financial markets.


5 courses

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Обзор проектов

Intermediate Specialization.
Some related experience required.
  1. 1-Й КУРС

    Capital Markets and Financial Institutions – How to Survive Them


    О курсе

    Capital markets and financial institutions are all around us. This is an enormous industry in which powerful players oftentimes challenge investors and the public at large and expose them to significant risks. This Course provides for th
  2. 2-Й КУРС

    Principles of Corporate Finance – A Tale of Value


    О курсе

    The study of Corporate Finance seems to be a very generic part of business education. Still, it either falls in the trap of intimidating formulas or is superficially journalistic. Both extremes preclude the understanding of the core finance
  3. 3-Й КУРС

    Core Concepts of Accounting – Numbers and People


    О курсе

    Whenever the word “accounting” is pronounced, it is immediately associated with the need to memorize endless boring numbers. However, it is the common financial statements that contain important information that provides inputs for valuation of investment pro
  4. 4-Й КУРС

    Mergers and Acquisitions – The Relentless Pursuit of Synergy


    О курсе

    The area of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is special in finance. Incredible amounts of money are employed in such transactions. Deals draw a lot of public attention and dispute. Oftentimes, stories look more like fairy tales rather than fin
  5. 5-Й КУРС

    Capstone Project – Analyzing a Real Transaction


    О курсе

    The Capstone Project is the final part of the “Understanding Modern Finance” Specialization. The learners will be able to apply all the knowledge, skills, and understanding accumulated throughout the Specialization to study a real fin


  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

    The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), the recognized leader in the area of science and research, is developing top quality courses in business and finance. We combine our scientific and technology advantages with the business experience of our partners to focus on understanding of complex issues and gaining practical skills in advanced areas.

    Московский физико-технический институт (неофициально известный как МФТИ или Физтех) является одним из самых престижных в мире учебных и научно-исследовательских институтов. Он готовит высококвалифицированных специалистов в области теоретической и прикладной физики, прикладной математики, информатики, биотехнологии и смежных дисциплин. Физтех был основан в 1951 году Нобелевской премии лауреатами Петром Капицей, Николаем Семеновым, Львом Ландау и Сергеем Христиановичем. Основой образования в МФТИ является уникальная «система Физтеха»: кропотливое воспитание и отбор самых талантливых абитуриентов, фундаментальное образование высшего класса и раннее вовлечение студентов в реальную научно-исследовательскую работу. Среди выпускников МФТИ есть Нобелевские лауреаты, основатели всемирно известных компаний, известные космонавты, изобретатели, инженеры.

  • American Institute of Business and Economics

    The American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc) is an independent private business school that has worked in Moscow since 1989. More than 2,500 students from Russia, Europe, Asia, and the US have received quality business education at AIBEc.

    The American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc) offers a wide variety of business courses in finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, HR, business law, economics, general management, business psychology, as well as course projects and the Field study. AIBEc provides for flexibility and customization of programs and schedules.

  • Konstantin Kontor

    Konstantin Kontor

    Director and Professor of Finance and Strategy