Специализация Energy Industry: Production, Distribution & Safety

Начинается Sep 23

Специализация Energy Industry: Production, Distribution & Safety

Establish the foundation for an energy job. Acquire fundamental knowledge and insights of the evolving power industry

Об этой специализации

This specialization provides introductory knowledge about the energy industry and associated career opportunities, whether you are interested in a utility technician or utility worker role, or emerging green energy solutions. It is intended for those considering a career in the field, and people already working in the industry who have less than three years of experience and have not completed similar training. Through four courses, learners receive an overview of electric power systems, natural gas, safety practices, and the energy industry as a whole. To learn more, please watch the overview video by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser: https://youtu.be/Py8uP6vuH_o.


Партнеры курса:

4 courses

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Обзор проектов

Beginner Specialization.
No prior experience required.
  1. 1-Й КУРС

    Electric Power Systems

    4 weeks, 2.5 to 5 hours/week

    О курсе

    This course familiarizes you with standards and policies of the electric utility industry, and provides you with basic vocabulary used in the business. It introduces the electric power system, from generation of the electricity all the way to th
  2. 2-Й КУРС

    Natural Gas

    4 weeks, 2.5 to 5 hours/week

    О курсе

    This course will educate you in the characteristics and properties of natural gas, preparing you with the ability to summarize gas system components and new pipeline technologies. You will be enabled to grasp the key factors behind formation
  3. 3-Й КУРС

    Safety in the Utility Industry

    4 weeks, 2.5 to 5 hours/week

    О курсе

    This course arms you with basic utility industry safety knowledge. You will be educated about personal protective equipment, fire safety, hazardous materials and their symbols. You will gain insights to recognize the importance of a safe work environ
  4. 4-Й КУРС

    Energy Industry: The Enterprise

    Начинается October 8th, 2018
    4 weeks, 2.5 to 5 hours/week

    О курсе

    Every aspect of human life involves using energy. This course gives you the knowledge and tools to dissect regulations of the U.S. power industry, as well as explain the price structure for electricity and natural gas, and the various actors in setting rates: consumer, utility, and government. You will also be educated about the history of the industry, and the challenges and opportunities it faces. The course is a combination of online lectures, videos, readings and discussions. This is the fourth course in the Energy Industry: Production, Distribution & Safety specialization that explores various facets of the power sector, and features a culminating project involving creation of a roadmap to achieve a self-established, energy-related professional goal.


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