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В этом Бесплатный Проект с консультациями вы:

Choose a slide theme for the project.

Add hyperlinks to buttons on the presentation for navigation.

Develop an evaluation element for the presentation and share the presentation.

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Clock2 hours
IntermediateУчащийся среднего уровня
CloudЗагрузка не требуется
VideoВидео на разделенном экране
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LaptopТолько для ПК

Do you know how to make Google Slides more interactive? Did you know that you can make asynchronous learning opportunities for your professional development or training program? This project is for you if these are goals that you have. Learn step by step how to design asynchronous training programs as you develop your own Google slide in this project. Adding interactivity will make your objectives stand out and help your audience see you as credible. We will use SMART goals as an example for this project. By the end of your time in this project you will have a Google Slides Presentation that you can use with navigation. Note: This course works best for learners who are based in the North America region. We’re currently working on providing the same experience in other regions.


Have a Google account and access to Google Drive.

Навыки, которые вы получите

Incorporate videosAdd hyperlinksOnline LearningCreate presentationDevelop asynchronous learning

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На видео, которое откроется рядом с рабочей областью, преподаватель объяснит эти шаги:

  1. Choose a slide theme for the Google Slides project.

  2. Create a button shape for the presentation on your Google Slides.

  3. Develop slide content and get add on for icons in Google Slides.

  4. Add hyperlinks to buttons on the presentation for navigation in Google Slides.

  5. Incorporate videos into presentations and assess the navigation in Google Slides.

  6. Develop an evaluation element for the presentation and share the presentation from Google Slides.

Как устроены проекты с консультациями

Ваше рабочее пространство — это облачный рабочий стол в браузере. Ничего не нужно загружать.

На разделенном экране видео преподаватель предоставляет пошаговые

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