Hosting a Static Website (HTML/CSS/Javascript) in AWS S3

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Deploy static website in AWS S3

Understanding AWS S3 Public permissions

AWS S3 versioning

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In this one hour project, you will learn how to use Amazon Web Services S3 storage service for hosting a static website (HTML/CSS/Javascript). Many companies and individuals today need a website and most of those don't require complex databases or backends. Amazon Web Services provides a Simple Storage Service S3 Free Tier that can be also used to host a static website with no servers and no complexity. Many professionals don't know that it is possible to use AWS Simple Storage Service, S3, not only to store objects but also to host a completely static website made in HTML/CSS and Javascript and take advantage of all scalability and availability AWS offers. Once you're done with this project, you will be able to deploy a static website in any AWS region you want with just a few steps and without huge tech experience. Note: For this project, you will need an AWS account.

Навыки, которые вы получите

  • amazon
  • aws
  • s3
  • website
  • aws s3

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На видео, которое откроется рядом с рабочей областью, преподаватель объяснит эти шаги:

  1. Task 1: You will be introduced to project details and see proposed static website in action in AWS S3 and explore entire files.

  2. Task 2: You will be able to understand how AWS S3 main components work and how to use them to create and upload our static website.

  3. Task 3: You will be able to configure AWS S3 to host a static website, configure main pages, error pages and see website endpoint, in any region around the world.

  4. Task 4: You will be able to set the right permissions and security configurations to make our static website public and available for all internet users.

  5. Task 5: You will be able to configure versioning for your static website, make updates and roll back updates.

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