Build a Firebase Android Application

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The fundamentals of Firebase as a real time, No-SQL database

How to set up a development environment for Android (Java) and Firebase

How do develop Android mobile applications in Java that interact with Firebase

Clock1.5 hours
IntermediateУчащийся среднего уровня
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This 1.5 hours class is the Android counterpart of the class Build a Google Firebase Web Application. Firebase is used by many major companies and websites to deliver world-class, real time data synchronization across the Internet on different platforms, like iOS, web and Android. In this class, you will learn about the data structure of Firebase, how to set one up, as well as how to develop Android mobile applications in Java that interact with Firebase. At the end of this course, you will be well versed and prepared to develop powerful Android Firebase applications in Java. This class requires basic to intermediate experience in Android application development in Java as a prerequisite.

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Google Cloud PlatformfirebaseJavaMobile Application DevelopmentAndroid

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На видео, которое откроется рядом с рабочей областью, преподаватель объяснит эти шаги:

  1. User interface orientation and finished product preview

  2. Overview of Firebase and Backend-as-a-Service

  3. Set up our real time database and application on the Google Cloud Platform

  4. Understand the Firebase data structure and populate our application screen

  5. Implement the add new issue functionality

  6. Implement the delete issue functionality

  7. Implement the update resolved status functionality

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