2.4 Introduction of Zika outbreak in Brazil - Interview with Prof. Aluisio Cotrim Segurado

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Module 2 relates how Zika virus left the remote African forests towards new destinations across the world partly by globalization and climate change. In this module you will increase your knowledge about the developing of a “love story” with human beings through globalisation. You will also learn how shifts in precipitation levels and temperature caused by climate change, and notably el Niño and la Niña phenomenons, may result into increased survival and/or migration of the virus through vectors into previously non-endemic geographic areas outside the tropical areas. You will also get better knowledge in the characteristics of the recent Zika outbreak in Brazil by local specialists. Dr. Frédéric Simard will start with the relationship between globalization and increased mosquito preference for humans. Then Joint Prof. Aline Philibert and Prof. Antoine Flahault will show you how climate changes can be indirectly and/or directly related to the transmission of Aedes and then Zika virus. Finally, Prof. Aluisio Cotrim Segurado and Prof. Paolo Zanotto of the University of São Paulo will describe the emergence of the outbreak as well as risks and challenges associated with.

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