Homework Session 1: From the one-half rule to the bunching method

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Dear students, welcome to the first week of Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations! <br> Here are a few details about the structure of the course: For each week, a lecture and a tutorial videos will be presented, together with a downloadable copy of all the relevant python programs mentioned in the videos. Some in-video questions and practice quizzes will help you to review the material, with no effect on the final grade. A mandatory peer-graded assignment is also present, for weeks from 1 to 9, and it will expand on the lectures' topics, letting you reach a deeper understanding. The nine peer-graded assignments will make up for 50% of the grade, while the other half will come from a final exam, after the last lecture. <br> In this first week, we will learn about algorithms by playing with a pebble on the Monte Carlo beach and at the Monaco heliport. In the tutorial we will use the 3x3 pebble game to understand the essential concepts of Monte Carlo techniques (detailed balance, irreducibility, and a-periodicity), and meet the celebrated Metropolis algorithm. Finally, the homework session will let you understand some useful aspects of Markov-chain Monte Carlo, related to convergence and error estimations.

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