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Welcome to Week 4 of the Know your people course. This week you will explore conflict and emotions in organisations. Most of us think of conflict as inherently negative – something that we should avoid at work. But is harmony always better than friction? Is there a time when rocking the boat is a good idea? In an effort to answer these questions, you will learn about different types of conflict and their impact on the way people interact and think. You will pay close attention to the downside of conflict in organisations but you will also explore how you, as a leader, can think about conflict as a way to avoid stagnation and ‘groupthink’ – and even help employees innovate. You will also look into the role of emotions at work. Conflict and emotion often go hand-in-hand but emotions play a much greater role in our working life than you might think. Its not just about how you feel either; emotions can have a powerful influence on the way you think.

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