Week 2 - Outline

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Welcome to Week 2 of the Know Your People course. This week you will explore diversity and inclusion in organisations. You will learn about the challenges for leaders in an increasingly diverse workplace and pay close attention to the benefits that diversity can provide – especially if you have the right expertise and perspective. This week draws on learning from Week 1 by highlighting the importance of individual differences in our thinking about diversity. You will also think about how perception and perceptual bias might be important in more diverse workplaces. You will also look at different types of diversity and different levels – we often think of diversity in terms of gender, age or nationality, but to take full advantage of diversity, we need to look beyond these bio-demographic aspects of people at work and focus on deeper-level differences, such as differences in the way people think and their viewpoints. These may not be as easy to detect but they are critical to understanding how diversity can help organisations be more innovative and competitive. You will explore some of the remarkable outcomes that leaders have generated by creating more inclusive workplaces and take a closer look at how you can lead more inclusively. Be prepared to think differently about differences – this could be the key to unlocking the real potential of people at work!

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