Valuation of Real Options _Decision Trees

The first topic in this module is Introduction and Overview of the course. We first define what a project is and give some examples of IT projects. The three parameters or metrics for project management are presented. The importance of project management is then discussed. The concept of project life cycle and the four phases of project life cycle are presented. The topics to be covered in the four different modules are also given.The second topic in this module is on the Organization Structure for projects. Three different forms of Organization structure and their implications for project management including the project manager are discussed in detail. Communication plan and its importance for project management are then presented.The next topic in this module is about the use of real options for project selection. The material in this topic is well developed for valuation of financial assets but its use for project selection is a relatively new development. We define what options are and give a taxonomy of real options. In future, ‘Options Thinking” and valuation of real options are expected to play an important role in project selection. Next, we discuss six case studies where options thinking played a dominant role in accepting / modifying the projects. Valuation of real options is in its infancy and for the for valuation of real options is easily understand and we present a simple example to illustrate the approach.Towards the end of the module, we present some practical aspects pertaining to the concepts covered. This is done through a Q & A format with Mr. Prashun Dutta, Advisor - Gaiga Smart Cities

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