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Glycoscience is the science and technology of carbohydrates, which are the most abundant biological molecules on Earth and make up part of the biology of all living organisms. This module will introduce the fundamental concepts of glycoscience, leading onto the benefits for society and how this drives and impacts the bioeconomy. A series of case studies will be used to present some of the key challenges and glycan-based solutions in pharmaceuticals and personalised medicine, food security and biomaterials. Biopharmaceuticals are new medicines that are made biologically. “Biologically” means that the production is too complex for simple chemistry and that we currently have to direct biological materials – cells, using the spectrum of natural catalytic reactions - to make these revolutionary medicines. We will be looking at the revolution in these development medicines within a clinical, societal and economic context and the approaches used to ensure production of safe and effective biopharmaceuticals, using various types of expression systems. Students will be introduced to detailed case studies that illustrate how the principles developed in other sub-modules are put into practice in the industrial context.

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