1.3 Direct and Indirect Approaches

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在本单元中,你将观察伊丽莎白如何建立她的团队的始末。你将观察她在各种情况下沟通的方法,分析她和团队的互动,从她选择的语言,无论是直接或间接的请求,你将学到更好沟通方式。经由讨论板和同侪之间评论的作业,你将综合优化你新学得的沟通技巧,并且运用在实际生活中的交谈以及活动。 In this module, you’ll follow Elizabeth through the process of building her team. You’ll look at the way she communicates depending on the situation. From this observation, you’ll be better equipped to make requests using direct and indirect approaches. by analyzing her interactions with her team, her language choices, and the communication patterns she follows. Through the discussion boards and peer reviewed assignment you will synthesize your new skills in real life conversations and activities.

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