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Welcome to Module 5 which looks at access to controlled medicines. During this week, you will learn how the international scheduling of drugs works; be presented with some of the main barriers to access to essential medicines and look specifically at the case of the opioid epidemic which is ravaging through the United States at the moment. The medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids is also a highlight of this week and one that is particularly relevant in a number of countries around the world at present. By the end of this Module you will be able to: • Describe the scheduling of controlled medicines; • Recognize the barriers to access to controlled medicines and discuss the challenges posed by prescription drugs epidemics; • and examine the current issues around the medical use of cannabis and cannabinoids. We hope you enjoy this week, which is slightly different to the other Modules in terms of its specific topic but adds a lot of important information in terms of understanding the international drug control framework and issues related to drugs, drug use and policies as well as possible. Best wishes,The Drugs, Drug Use, Drug Policy and Health team

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