Video 1 - Why Plan, Budget vs Actual Results and Introduction to Variance

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Budgeting essentials and development
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MODULE 5 - Budget control
This module focuses on the “control” side of the budget. We understand how to apply concepts, and will be guided on how to monitor and measure results, analyze and evaluate the potential gaps between actual and estimated outcomes.

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  • Alberto Sansiviero Jr.
    Alberto Sansiviero Jr.
    FIA Futures Studies Program
  • Samantha Mazzero
    Samantha Mazzero
    MSc, MBA, BS Math
    FIA Profuturo – Futures Studies Program
  • Nelson Yoshida
    Nelson Yoshida
    Ph.D., MBA, B.Eng.
    FIA Profuturo – Futures Studies Program
  • Roberto Dumas Damas
    Roberto Dumas Damas
    M.Sc., CFA
    FIA Profuturo - Futures Studies Program
  • Fernando Fleury
    Fernando Fleury
    FIA Profuturo - Futures Studies Program

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