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Looking for a project where you actually learn practical software development? In this course you can show off your newly developed embedded software skills by putting together a large scale system consisting of a wide range of functionalities! This project makes you take a step into the most modern edge of software development for embedded systems, we implement a system for IoT-based autonomous aircraft landing for future airliners. In other words, a system based on embedded real-time processing devices, secure web connectivity and cloud-based high performance back ends. The project does not only focus on the implementation of the algorithms in these parts, but also something every embedded software designer faces sooner or later: the interfacing of the parts. We offer you the opportunity to participate in this project and let loose your engineering skills! Creativity and innovation are the key points to succeed as we give you free hands to pick all the software pieces together, and you show us the result of you innovative thinking in a project which can be applied in real industrial products today.

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