Who is this class for: 修習本課程同學,無須專業基礎,只需具備基本中文閱讀與寫作能力,並對《莊子》中的身心技術與生命安頓之道感興趣即可。

Created by:  National Taiwan University

  • 蔡璧名

    Taught by:  蔡璧名, 專任副教授

Commitment8週的學習,2-3 小時/週
Chinese (Traditional)
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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I really enjoyed this class at it provided good quality of videos and Professor Tsai is very talented in explaining complex concepts into simple ideas. I would love to recommend this course to many of my friends, and this is the best course NTU provided on coursera. I look forward to seeing more of these class (Zhuangzi 2, 3, 4..) and I find Zhuangzi's philosophy is very applicable in today's world and helped people to find the true value of living, the answer may be varied but we'll able to find our own answer.