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Windows Server Management and Security, Система университетов штата Колорадо

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Microsoft Windows has been at the forefront of enterprise computing for several decades. What most office workers see is the desktop side – such as Windows 7, 8 or 10. This course explores what it takes to design and build the server side of Windows in an enterprise environment. This course will explore everything from Windows Server installation to configuring users, to hardening the server operating system itself. This course is the second course in the System Management and Security Specialization focusing on enterprise system management. The first week of this course provides an overview of how Windows operates in an enterprise environment and what it may look like in the real world. Week 2 of the course will show you how Windows users interact with the system. At the end of Week 2, you will be able to demonstrate how Windows authentication works at the end of Week 2. Week 3 will explore authorization in a Windows environment. At the end of Week 3, you will be able to differentiate between different authorization mechanisms and use different technologies to secure data within the environment. Week 4 explores built in security features of Windows and demonstrates how to use each technology effectively and in what circumstances you would use what technology for what purpose. At the end of week 4, you will be able to determine which technology is the best technology to use to secure certain portions of the Windows operating system....

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автор: AN

Oct 28, 2018

It was a great experience doing this course and i learnt much as it was explained in a perfect way. Professor Greg has a good mindset and way of explaining things.. he makes it easy and fun to learn.

автор: OB

Nov 08, 2018

I'm very happy to finish this course. It was amazing to Manage the server through the tools kerberos for the strong security and Authentication. Thanks Coursera community.

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Рецензии: 25

автор: Jafed Encinas

May 14, 2019

Able to concentrate and stay focused for periods of several hours, even when tasks are relatively mundane, and doesn't make mistakes. He has a high boredom threshold. Always assured and confident in demeanour and presentation of ideas without being aggressively over-confident. No absences without valid reason in 6 months. Reaches a decision rapidly after taking account of all likely outcomes and estimating the route most likely to bring success. The decisions almost always turn out to be good ones.

This Course always completes any assignment on time and to a high standard. This Course has outstanding artistic or craft skills, bringing creativity and originality to the task. Aiming for a top job in the organization. He sets very high standards, aware that this will bring attention and promotion. This Course pays great attention to detail. He always presented work properly checked and completely free of error.

автор: Mohanadas Alex Hendry

May 08, 2019

it was good learning about Windows Server & Security.!

автор: Eric Kariuki Nyaga

Apr 18, 2019

Nice course, thorough

автор: Wallat Ali

Apr 12, 2019

Excellent Online Course


Apr 04, 2019

never stop leearning

автор: Anthony Kavulu

Mar 08, 2019

i loved this course , learned much .

автор: Morgan Hunter

Mar 04, 2019

The instructor is one of the best on Coursera!!!

автор: Marco Rosso

Feb 09, 2019

Very good contents and helpful link.

автор: Eliath Gonzalez

Jan 30, 2019


автор: Jalen Michael Fetter

Jan 17, 2019

the reliance on peer graded assignments means you could be waiting for days to finally receive the certificate