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5 ч. на завершение

Why Iowa? A Primer on Primaries and Caucuses Teach-Out

5 ч. на завершение
30 видео ((всего 192 мин.)), 13 материалов для самостоятельного изучения
30 видео
Welcome to the Why Iowa? A Primer on Primaries and Caucuses Teach-Out45
Ken Kollman - Historical Perspectives8мин
Michael Traugott - Historical Perspectives4мин
Michael Traugott - What's the Difference Between a Primary and a Caucus?5мин
Michael Traugott - Presidential Nominating Conventions4мин
Michael Traugott - The Role of the Media7мин
Ken Kollman - Comparative Insights6мин
John Chamberlin - Election Methods12мин
Vincent Hutchings - What are Implications of Iowa Going First?4мин
Dennis Goldford: Why does Iowa go first?6мин
Dennis Goldford - How do the Iowa Caucuses work?11мин
Dennis Goldford - The Role of the Media in Iowa9мин
Dennis Goldford - What Makes the Iowa Caucus Unique?5мин
Timothy Hagle - Why do Iowa and New Hampshire Go First?1мин
Timothy Hagle - What Makes the Iowa Caucuses unique?2мин
Timothy Hagle - How Does Iowa Impact the Overall Election Process?5мин
Timothy Hagle - Campaigning in Iowa Versus Other States1мин
Timothy Hagle - What are the Unique Benefits the Iowa Caucus Offers National Voters?1мин
David Redlawsk - Personal Reflections on Iowa7мин
Rachel Paine Caufield - The Iowa Caucus Project11мин
Vincent Hutchings - What Drives Voting Behavior?4мин
David Redlawsk - Insights into Voting Behavior9мин
Ken Kollman - Other Considerations in Voting Behavior3мин
Rachel Paine Caufield - Civic Engagement and Action6мин
Vincent Hutchings - Political Participation3мин
Matthew Diemer - Civic Engagement vs. Political Participation5мин
Matthew Diemer - Beyond Voting - Civic Engagement7мин
Matthew Diemer - Models for Engaging Youth Through Education4мин
You Asked, Our Experts Answered!26мин
13 материалов для самостоятельного изучения
What is a Teach-Out?1мин
Groundrules for Engagement1мин
Welcome to the Why Iowa? A Primer on Primaries and Caucuses Teach-Out4мин
2020 Primary and Caucus Calendar10мин
Guest Bios10мин
Historical Perspectives on the Presidential Nomination Process1мин
How do the Primaries and Caucuses Actually Work?2мин
Insights into the Iowa Caucuses2мин
What drives our voting behaviors?2мин
How to get involved with politics!2мин
Call to Action: Get Engaged this Election Season and Beyond10мин
Facilitation Guide - Organize Your Own Event5мин
Additional Resources1мин

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