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The art of uncovering the insights and trends in data has been around since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians used census data to increase efficiency in tax collection and they accurately predicted the flooding of the Nile river every year. Since then, people working in data science have carved out a unique and distinct field for the work they do. This field is data science. In this course, we will meet some data science practitioners and we will get an overview of what data science is today. LIMITED TIME OFFER: Subscription is only $39 USD per month for access to graded materials and a certificate....

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Sep 10, 2019

Very learning experience, I am a beginner in DS, but the instructors in this course simplified the contents that made me I could easily understand, tools and materials were very helpful to start with.


Feb 22, 2019

Excellent quality content! It's a great introductory course that really gets you interested in Data Science. I would highly recommend it to anyone curious in learning about what Data Science is about.

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автор: NAGA A K

Oct 14, 2019

That content was really awesome. There are no words to explain that such a wonderful course. The content was really nice, clean and complete.

The arrange of topics also very nice and properly ordered.

Overall nice experience with Coursera.

Thanks from my bottom of my heart for such Wonderful content


Feb 03, 2020

The content is easy to understand. The contributors in the video seem very passionate about data science which is stimulating for newcomers eager to learn about data science.

The length of each course is just perfect. It is neither too short nor long. Just the perfect length to keep you focused.

автор: ATM S H

Jan 24, 2019

It was really an eye opening course towards journey of Data Science. I really liked the practical examples of the instructors and the concepts explained vividly. If anyone wants to know the nitty gritties of Data Science, this is the course that would be a starting journey towards Data Science.

автор: Derick W J O

Jan 30, 2020

The introduction to data science was gentle but comprehensive. This approach gives confidence to learners who are new to data science and prepares them psychologically for the technical details of the course. I was inspired by this orientation and I am curious of what lies ahead in the course.

автор: Alla M

Oct 19, 2019

Good introduction

Good introduction materials for someone who has zero knowledge about data science. This introduction course gives an overview of all aspects of data science and programs related to it.

I’m glad i participated in his course which will help me make a decision where to head to.

автор: RAVI S K

Jul 19, 2019

Data Science is the hottest job in today’s world . Doing the data science certification from simplilearn will add value not only to your resume but after going through training you will get lot of knowledge about data mining and data modelling in R and SAS tool .wonderful course for beginners

автор: SAKET M

Dec 14, 2019

The course gave an apt introduction to data science. It was essential to provide a strong background as to what exactly is the use of data science , and more importantly what is data science , and why do we study after all , and whats the demand. I believe that this course just covers it all

автор: Devvrat M

Oct 31, 2019

It is great course for the beginners of Data Science as it give a brief introduction to the data science and the role of data scientist. This course also has able to share the experiences of some people in the data science field and how they got into it and their experience related to it.

автор: Fernando S

Oct 30, 2019

Very good course, it gives you a basic idea of what data science is. It is very clear, organized. I left with a better understanding of this subject. This course has encouraged me to learn more about data science. I will take the other courses that are part of this specialization as well.

автор: Pratik S

Jun 09, 2019

A very basic and from the ground understanding of data science and what data scientists do is mentioned in this course. It is the perfect surface to start this 9-course specialization. I am happy I started with this course and I feel very much confident about moving forward in the series.

автор: Matthew A

Mar 31, 2019

Very happy with this introductory course. It not only provided a concise and interesting introduction to the topics, but it also did well to ease you into the course format, including videos, reading, quizzes and the final project submission. I look forward to more courses in this series!

автор: Angshuman S

Sep 14, 2019

Simply in love with Data Science. Thank you IBM and Coursera for helping me revive my thought of being a data scientist which I had dropped. Thank you for helping me believe in myself and I really look forward to your course and aspire to be a data scientist one day. Happy learning :)

автор: Arisara C

Sep 02, 2018

Data science :The science of collecting and changing information to knowledge

by​ Data​ Scitist

good​ data scientist​ has a

1.​ curious mind, judgemental​ and​ argument

2.​ has knowledge of mathematics and computer science​..

3.​ has a good algorithm for analysis data to find a result.

автор: Oleksandr B

Nov 26, 2019

Was very happy to hear that curiosity, be extremely argumentative and judgmental are the must and top skills of a Data Scientist! Will definitely read "Getting Started with Data Science: Making Sense of Data with Analytics (IBM Press)". Thank you so much for the great introduction!!!

автор: SHIVAM T

Mar 27, 2019

Murtaza Sir was my favorite during the entire session, his thoughts motivated me a lot, the one when he said the curiosity is the most important skill when you are going to become a DATA SCIENTIST.

Really Good Work by Coursera team and IBM for creating such a wonderful course for us.

автор: Dinara K

Jan 07, 2020

Course gives fundamental discription of what is data science and who is data scientist. I have learnt about the skills that are need to become a good data scientist. In general, it is great course, that will open your curiosity and interest to learn even further about data science.

автор: Jehad h

Jul 02, 2019

This was just an introduction, but you have done an amazing job. I used to enroll in many courses before in different majors on-campus and online, but no one was enjoyable as this one. I have full motivation to keep exploring on this course details and the next sections. Good job.

автор: Ounam G

Mar 24, 2020

The title of the course really interprets what the entire course will teach you. Very informative, even though I am myself going for masters' didn't knew a lot that they covered in this series of lectures.

You will surely change your field if not in the same after watching this!!

автор: Zach P

Dec 09, 2019

A really great course, and an adequate amount of work/quizzes. It says about 3 weeks long of a course you can finish most of it in 1 full week of work. Which is perfect for someone like me, where on the weekends after work I can gain some huge progress and not feel so far behind

автор: Marco M

Oct 11, 2019

Is quite scary to say the least to jump in to something named: Data Science, specially when you don't come from a Data or a STEM way of life. After finishing this course I have to say that I just want to keep learning to get my certificate because I'm sure I can make it happen.

автор: Adnan K

Feb 06, 2020

For someone who does not have much of a clue, this course was an eye opener.

Dr. Murtaza Haider has explained Data Science very simply and effectively through his videos.

Any one who wants to understand what is Data Science at a preliminary level, this is absolutely recommended.

автор: Bhavesh G

Apr 01, 2020

I get an idea about the data science field. Also, I get an idea about the basic responsibility of the data scientist. I'm not a data scientist and not having statistical background but I bit confident after pursue this course I will start my career with data science. Thanks.

автор: Keerthi M

Jan 12, 2020

It's highly helpful for me to know about Data Science career field.I'm deeply passionate about learning Data Science and the quiz they ask is really helpful in getting knowledge about this field.Hoping to complete my certification soon with enriched knowledge in Data Science

автор: Devesh K

Feb 16, 2020

An excellent introductory course, however the exercises seemed to be based almost entirely on the specific context of the reading material, I think the ratio of questions which are generic to data science should be more and would be more helpful in retaining what we learnt.

автор: Enock T

Feb 15, 2020

The course is very informative from the first week to the third. It does gives a brief but solid definition of what data science is and what you should do to become a data scientist and what are the behaviours that you need to applicate in order to be a good data scientist.