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This course provides teachers with the foundation for understanding the movement towards virtual instruction. It introduces fundamental knowledge needed by teachers to succeed in a technology-dependent, instructional environment. You will explore the history of online learning and understand how a variety of delivery models are evolving in the K-12 environment, ranging from completely online to hybrid or blended classrooms. We will discuss how the programs work and who they serve, addressing some basics about equity issues, access and school funding, as well as ethical and legal issues that support and challenge the models. Upon completion of the course, you will understand what it takes to transition from teaching in the classroom to providing virtual instruction. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Describe the history of online learning models 2. Identify current virtual instruction models and who offers them 3. Explain how virtual instruction models have evolved and why 4. Describe common features of synchronous and asynchronous technologies 5. Discuss basic ethical and legal issues faced by schools...

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Jan 19, 2018

Excepcional, debido a que toda la secuencia de la aplicación y el desarrollo de la educación virtual, impregna los profesores y estudiantes en un universo de excitación y deseo de aprender. Gracias


May 28, 2019

This course introduced me to the world of Virtual Teaching, gave me awareness of online tools, and inspired me to continue developing as a professional.

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автор: Julio C T R

Jan 02, 2020

I suggest that the course does not have videos of more than 10 minutes, nor that the exams are of more than 15 questions

автор: Austin M N L

Oct 12, 2016

This was a good course, a little hard to follow at times but very beneficial.

автор: Kirsten M

Oct 02, 2016

It is ironic that a course about virtual instruction is one of the worst online courses I have taken. The content was good, if a little outdated (hence the two stars vs only one), but the course design and delivery were lacking.

The videos were excruciating for visual learners (or really any non-auditory learners). The video for Week 2, Lesson 2, for example, had a single static image on the screen for eleven minutes. Words were added to the image during that time, but all in all there were 26 words of text on the slide. Really?!? ELEVEN MINUTES. 26 WORDS. Give me a transcript or make it an audio file. Don't keep me chained to my laptop watching a static image for ELEVEN MINUTES!

The instructor droned and was clearly reading from a script. She did not even use the video to highlight key terms or spotlight key references. Whenever she mentioned a reference I wanted to look at, I had to either hope it was on the course reference page (many of them weren't there) or try to figure out how to spell the author's name based on her pronunciation of it. It was just really, really hard to get through.

The tests were also poorly designed. What states do x y or z. Who cares? I don't live in those states. Which online school has this policy? Again who cares? Maybe a question about why states/schools have different approaches or how outcomes differ between states/schools, but memorizing a laundry list of which state or school has which policies and practices is useless and did not advance the learning objectives in any way.

автор: Diane R

Apr 18, 2016

I found much of the content to be interesting and timely. However, I thought the quizzes were poorly written. There was no feedback, so as a learner it was hard to grow from errors. Also, there were many that required more than one answer, if you missed one, you missed entire question. Without feedback, it was difficult to know which one you missed. The week 4 lesson content was a bit dense for an introductory course. It was dry and could've been more global. Last, the large lesson assignment was only graded by peers with no feedback from the instructor.

автор: Megan M

Apr 01, 2020

This class is basically just a woman reading a book and showing some poorly made PPTs. Most of the links do not work properly and a lot of the questions on the tests include information that is nowhere to be found on the lecture, transcripts or extra materials.

автор: Alexandre L A d S

Mar 22, 2018

yeah. it was cool. thanks

автор: Nadya K

Sep 20, 2016

I would have given this course NO stars at all if that option were available!!!

The course is designed in contradiction of all the principles it preaches--there are no forums for the students, there is no way you could contact the instructor, the instructor keeps reading badly, stammering like a first-grader, speaks monotonously and there's no interaction whatsoever!

Furthermore, there are mistakes in the quizzes and you have to choose blatantly wrong options if you want to get the 100% score!

Although the subject matter about Virtual Instruction is pretty interesting and the instructor made it sound like the most boring thing in the world!

Many of the links are outdated or not working at all and often the documents she refers to are 10 or more years old. Bear in mind that Virtual Instruction is a fast developing field and the technology as well as the legal framework are changing very fast too.

In a nutshell, if this course were not a part of a Specialization track, I would not have paid for it.

Unless you want to do the specialization, I wouldn't recommend this course or any by the UC Irvine because all of the lack forums and no channels for communication with the instructors!!!

In one word BAD!

автор: Mary C M

Mar 19, 2016

Although the content is good, the course itself does not reflect in any way what a good asynchronous course should be. Where is the discussion board? How can one communicate with the instructor or with other classmates? Although peer review of an assignment is one aspect of asynchronous and synchronous education, said assignment should also be reviewed by an instructor, especially when said instruction carries so much weight. In addition, I think overall the tests are unfair. I was marked wrong twice for a question that asked my opinion! Also, in the "check all that apply" questions, if one misses one of the answers, the whole question is marked wrong. Finally, many of the test questions themselves are irrelevant to the content of the course. One last thing- the course says it's a five week program, but there are only 4 weeks. Something needs to be adjusted.

автор: Athina S

Jun 17, 2016

Some materials are useful but the teacher has no idea of teaching techniques and good presentation. Very bad choice for the University of Irvin, California to entrust such an interesting course to such an incompetent and feeble instructor. She is reading in a monotonous way and nothing more. Her presentations have no meaning. She does not appear in the video lectures. She can not introduce animated elements. The materials she selected are sometimes and only somehow relevant. The most of the materials have only percentages, and small details on history. A course of poor quality.

автор: Vaiva C

Jun 05, 2016

A paradox that a course about virtual instruction is the worst course I've done on Coursera. I am on a verge of quitting it. 1. Despite lots of good information, there is no effort to present it in an interesting and engaging way. 2. Virtual educators say that the students should interact with the platform every 3-4 minutes and yet they give you 15 min video to listen to and look at the same picture. 3. No forums available but the notice about forums interrupts all the videos.

автор: Androutsopoulou K

May 24, 2016

No option of completing the course without paying. So why do you call your site FREE online courses? And why do we have to go into the trouble of attending the class and watching the videos, and reading the material without being capable of at least watching our results in assignments?

автор: Regina J

Nov 24, 2019

I have done all of the assignments, but there is not anyone to review your assignments, and you cannot review anyone else's assignments. Therefore the information is just information and the information is not exciting.

автор: Yurgenis R

Sep 17, 2018

This course has a poor method to teach, the instructor (People that speak) sometimes is difficult to understand her and talk very fast and in many cases I don't know of what is she talking. I'm really disappointed