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In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. As preparation for these tasks, Professor Laurie Santos reveals misconceptions about happiness, annoying features of the mind that lead us to think the way we do, and the research that can help us change. You will ultimately be prepared to successfully incorporate a specific wellness activity into your life. THE SCIENCE OF WELL BEING WAS PRODUCED IN PART DUE TO THE GENEROUS FUNDING OF THE DAVID F. SWENSEN FUND FOR INNOVATION IN TEACHING....

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May 31, 2019

I absolutely enjoyed and learned a lot about happiness from this course. I will definitely recommend it to my peers, as it gets me to the core from my misconceptions to developing the right practices.


Jan 31, 2019

This is an outstanding course! I was able to change into a more positive and productive mindset as taught in this course. I highly recommend it to everyone regardless of your profession or background.

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автор: Marian E

Aug 18, 2019

I loved this course Laurie !😊

I always love to uplevel my skills for improving my own happiness and well-being as it fits in with what i believe and know is my mission to help raise the happiness level on the planet.

This course has renewed my desire to get my book published and to grow this movement and mission.

Thank you for showing up at the right time in my life. I would love to connect with you outside of this course (i live in CT) and see how i can contribute more toward this movement.

This was a great course and very life affirming.

Thank you.

Marian Edvardsen

автор: Rhya

May 12, 2018

I like this course. I plan to implement these tips to improve the overall quality of my life. Packed with content, this course is easy to follow, understand and is relevant to the overall goal. The instructor does not just focus on happiness as a whole but on what happiness means to you as a individual. Its incredibly insightful while at the same time not offering cliche, one size fits all information. If nothing else, you will walk away from this course knowing a little more about yourself than you did before, and anything that points you towards your soul is a gift.

автор: Courtney H

May 28, 2020

So glad I took this course. I had been eyeing it out for over a year and decided to finally take it once I was home all the time due to the pandemic. I learned a lot from this course, much more than I expected, and I have been telling everyone I know to take it as well. Dr. Santos is warm and engaging which makes the course content easy to learn and understand. My happiness levels have increased significantly since completing the course and I honestly can't recommend this course enough. If you even have a slight inclination toward taking this course, just go for it!

автор: Merza I

May 23, 2020

I’ve learned more about myself. I am very grateful for the Rewirement Challenges, because Dr. Santos showed, which activities can be done to make us happier. These activities are very effective, they are for free and can be done in all kind of circumstances – it’s hard to say any excuse why someone can’t do the Gratitude Rewirement, as it can be done during traveling or if someone is sick. Lot of times we think we need to buy something to be happy, and after the course I am more aware of the advertisings which refer to this – “Buy me to be happier/more beautiful!”.

автор: Kimberley F

Apr 30, 2018

Great course, very practical suggestions that have easy to use suggestions to guide you. I like simple changes you can make with daily habits that are not hard to work in. I Like the supported science behind it, for clarity and answering the why's. It is encourages positive daily reflection time that directs and re-redirects you look at problem solving for yourself and As a high school teacher, I like that I can take this information and use it with my students, who are finding it useful to accomplish their goals. They especially like using the WOOP strategies.

автор: Claire L

May 17, 2020

Personally, I am quite grateful, that I stepped out of my comfort zone to register and successfully complete this Well-Being course. The modern use of technology to provide this course has been an outstanding educational delivery format. The course flow, lectures, videos and content have been pivotal during this time, and I truly learned self-improvement skills and techniques. Moreover, this course has brought me a much better understanding of how I can implement changes in my life to improve my own ‘authentic’ happiness. Thank you, Claire Lang/student.

автор: Rebecca L

Jun 11, 2018

This course gives a lot of practical and easily applicable advice and scientifically-proven techniques on how to improve well-being. It has the potential to give life-changing insight to just about anyone - from those who are just looking for ways to appreciate the little things to those who are trying to shift their entire paradigm of happiness. It is a course that requires self-dedication, self-searching, and a healthy dose of honesty in regards to changing the habits that we practice everyday that are detrimental to true happiness. I highly recommend!

автор: Jenny F

Jan 01, 2020

I really enjoyed this class. It also woke me to a realization of how I’ve been perceiving my level of well being, my happiness, and really a better realistic way I should be looking at it. It has been fascinating.

I also appreciated the layout of how the class was taught, the ease of being self paced and the personal satisfaction of completing the assignments and by default of the nature of the class, my personal goals. I think many people could benefit not only from this specific course, but from the less traditional way of taking the class.

автор: Linda L

Jul 05, 2018

Don't let Dr. Santos's laid back style fool you. There is a lot to be learned from this course and taking the rewirement challenges seriously can be life changing. Learning about numerous studies each week that back up the validity of activities that lead to happiness was the affirmation I needed to push myself to adopt some new behaviors and emphasize others with gusto. There is much to gain from the course, and it's not just for youngsters. I retired a few months ago and have found that improving my well-being is an energizing, achievable goal.

автор: Thomas M

May 16, 2020

It was very easy to follow the content. What needs to be learned at this level got covered beautifully, without bringing in any complications. But at the same time, references were provided for those interested.

Interviews from external experts whose work that were covered in the course was another good thought.

Above all the practical focus and the need to implement the learning from the course and then completing the final assignment. This helped me bringing in some good practices in life and I am able to continue the same so far. Thanks a lot.

автор: Eva S M

May 30, 2020

I have enjoyed doing this course. During these hectic times of online teaching primary school children (because of quarentine), I couldn't wait to have some time to continue with this course. It was very informative and inspiring. I've recommended the course to a couple of friends. I've also encouraged my students (5th graders) to start practicing gratitude and savoring, many of them are really enjoying it. Wether you are not feeling your best or just like reflecting on how different factors affect our happiness, I truly recommend the course.

автор: Jakub G

Sep 06, 2018

its amazing how small things adds up to bigger things. once you know that for instance social connection makes your day brighter, you will think twice before ditching possible short conversation with stranger or neighbor.

I liked that there were assignments, not validated, but something that you can do. if you cheat you cheat yourself. If you will do everything as assignment and will not fall into a trap of "measuring everything" (more likely comparing like "I did not do enough good things today..."), your happiness level will go up. try it!

автор: Carole j

May 12, 2020

A pleasure to get to know a little about you. Thank you for offering the course for free, especially during the corona virus. In the begninng- I needed something to do- as I am not able to go to work (teacher). I really looked forward to the lessons and found a new skill: mediation- something that had been on my bucket list for a long time, but through avoidance and procrastination- never completed. Today, four weeks later, I mediate daily for 20 minutes and it has completely reset my morning in the best way possible. Thank you.

автор: Mirela

Nov 03, 2019

It's been brilliant. I love the mixed approach. It is the first course on Coursera that I'm actually going to finish and that is because I can see the applicability of what I am learning in my day-to-day life. That being said, it mixes up with academic rigour and it opened up a whole new area of psychology which speaks to me much more than the clinical one. I'm following this up with the Positive psychology specialisation and let's see where this takes me. Have recommended it to friends who are also taking the course :) Thank you!

автор: Katherine C

May 26, 2020

I love everything this course taught me. It has really helped rewire my thinking and I find myself often taking the time to be grateful for little things like the bird singing outside right now and the beauty in nature. If you knew me at all, you'd know this is crazy talk coming from me. I needed this course before the lockdown because I had moved to a foreign country a year ago and have not been able to find my footing here. This course has helped me ease up on myself and appreciate what I do have. Where's the master's class?!?!

автор: Philip H

Jul 23, 2019

This course was an excellent reminder to focus on what counts. I feel I had a slight advantage in knowing what makes me happy because I am likely older than most of the students and clearly a couple decades older than the Professor! It was nice to see the science and study behind everything I felt I had learned from my nearly six decades on this planet. At best this course will make you look at life with a much better perspective, at worst, you might be able to appreciate and savor more that which is truly important to you.

автор: Daniel L Y

May 28, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I was a good blend of lecture and planned work. I believe there were several key areas that a person could learn from and implement in their daily lives, to help them live happier ones. Dr. Santos is great. I like how she committed to some of the challenges herself, and was honest enough to admit they are not always easy to complete. I really liked the continue to learn sections, with additional resources. Because, even if the course is ending, our ability to learn doesn't necessarily have to.

автор: Rowena J S

May 16, 2019

Super informative and super inspiring. Plus, Prof. Laurie Santos explains everything in a really relatable way. Through this course, I've become more sensitive and conscious about my purchases, about how I spend my time, and how I take care of myself and the people around me. It helped me realize that being happy means being intentional in your goals and in your actions. I'd love to review over and over the lessons here because I know there is still so much I can take from them. Thank you, Prof. Laurie, Yale, and Coursera!!!

автор: Aluashka I

May 05, 2020

Probably the best course I've taken in my life, both online and offline. The charming teacher explains the basics of how our brains are wired and provides tools to rewire them for our own good in an easy and digestible way.

Thank you so much for the course and the opportunity to finally believe I am capable of change :) Finally adopted all the habits I wanted to have for years. Certainly feeling myself way happier.

Good luck to all the students! And remember that knowing theory is one thing, but practise makes it all real <3

автор: james c

May 27, 2020

Content: Wonderful, insightful material, very competently presented.

On communication: the instructor needs to do a careful assessment of her speech habits. They are thoroughly cliched in intonation and words, e.g., the word "like" is used ad nauseaum. A critically-minded professor should not be a mirror of all the cliches, verbal intonations and fill words used in her current social context. Divest yourself, as much as possible, of all contemporary speech habits that detract from clear, concise and effective communication.

автор: Christine H

Feb 25, 2020

This course gives you science-based tools to implement in your life. It leads you through chosing one of the tools to work on daily for the last 4 weeks of the class and then you evaluate yourself to see if you have felt any improvement. This is a wonderful course you will carry with you the rest of your life and follow. It offers reality checks of what really makes you happy and you may be surprised at the science behind some of the answers. The lectures are very interesting the readings go more in-depth on the subjects.

автор: Erin J

Jan 02, 2019

This course has been super enlightening and through the use of actual qualitative studies has shared and shown the effectiveness of some incredibly easy and meaningful techniques to improve one's own well-being. The casual discussion format is easy to follow, and several times I've found myself surprised at the inaccuracies of what I thought I knew about increasing happiness versus what I've learned in this course. Also a great introduction to so many accessible resources to continue on after the course ends! Thank you!

автор: Barb K

Dec 08, 2019

Thank you so much Laurie for providing this course. As an educator I found the information fascinating. Particularly the information on grades. I have actually used some of the data you showed with students with interesting results.

The course was invaluable. It was a perfect combination of theory and practical information. The data was really informative and it gave me a lot to think about. My top character skill was Love of Learning and I certainly loved this course and the knowledge I gained. Again, thank you.

автор: Man L C

Apr 22, 2020

I highly recommend—one of the most enjoyable classes I have ever taken. I have forwarded this to many friends. I hope everyone will be blessed by it. Remember, all the things that bring you joy in life are not things but experience and engagement with people and pursue excellence in things you are good at and is aligning your value. Setting your heart right to something truly worth it, be grateful, pray, don't compare, love others, serve others well with your resources, and your inner joy will root in you.

автор: Alan I

May 30, 2020

This was an excellent course, and marked my first online college course since graduating from Brandeis twenty-plus years ago! It was a great introduction to the ways in which we can actually work to find authentic happiness, and revealing some of the false notions we've gained over years of societal influence and conditioning. It had very practical applications, and if you put in the work and effort, the results were tangible. It has provided techniques and skills which I intend to utilize in daily life.