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Introduction to Swift Programming is the first course in a four part specialization series that will provide you with the tools and skills necessary to develop an iOS App from scratch. By the end of this first course you will be able to demonstrate intermediate application of programming in Swift, the powerful new programming language for iOS. Guided by best practices you will become proficient with syntax, object oriented principles, memory management, functional concepts and more in programming with Swift. This course is unique in its dedication to teaching Swift programming. With new features and capabilities you will be at the forefront of writing iOS apps. Currently this course is taught using Swift 2. The team is aware of the release of Swift 3 and will be making edits to the course in time. Please be aware that at this time the instruction is entirely with Swift 2. Please note that to take part in this course (and the full specialization) it is required to have a Mac computer and, though not required, ideally an iPhone, iPod, or an iPad. NOTE: This course has been designed and tested (and content delivered) on a Mac. While we are aware of hacks and workarounds for running Mac in a virtual machine on windows we do not recommended a PC. We hope you have fun on this new adventure....

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Jan 14, 2016

The course seemed to be very easy, I'd say even disappointingly easy, but then, when I started the final assignment, I realized that I was wrong. And it was so much fun developing filters.


Jan 31, 2016

This course, specifically the last week, really helps in gaining understanding of how the digital images are being processed on the back of a applications. Nice job tutors!

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автор: Steve G

Dec 28, 2015

This course needs major improvement. Lectures included errors in the code. While showing code in video lectures instructor was quick to delete code, not giving time for students to view and understand what had just been shown.

On Dec 15, two weeks before due date of final project, large portions of all weeks of the course were changed, requiring going back through to complete these new lectures. No adjustment was made to the due date.

Requirements for the final project are vague and confusing and I am not able to submit the final project by the due date in about 2 hours. If this issue is not addressed I will need to consider adjusting my star rating.

This experience casts a negative impression for me on the Coursera platform and University of Toronto teaching staff.

I'm disappointed.

автор: Anthony Y

Jun 09, 2016



Modular based learning


Course needs more auto graded assignments.

Lack of feedback in discussion forums.

Assignment language is not very clear.

Overall I prefer this course to the android specialization but not for the reasons you may think. The android development platform is more or a less a mess compared to ios. Android studio feels more like a toy than a complete product. Emulation is slow and almost un-usuable with plenty of boilerplate code required to do simple events. Xcode by comparison is very smooth and easy to use. Swift syntax is also very clean compared to Java syntax. But is not without its grievances.

At the end of the day you will choose the platform you work best in.

автор: Marcel D

Oct 02, 2017

I audited this course out of curiosity. Good start, but in week two the teacher rambles, gets off track and explains less. Would like to see this course with a little better prep before recording.

автор: Pavel L

Jan 27, 2016

Thank you for this course. It was interesting and helpful. Before.

But I failed. I got bad mark and I don't know why.

I have only one good comment. But I have 3 bad marks and only 2 good. I am a looser, i guess.

So I hate this course, this website, this review system and this world.

Thank you again.

автор: Mazen H

Feb 27, 2016

I think for somebody who has no prior knowledge in this course will find it difficult to understand. I have taken some introductory courses in swift programming and were much more elaborating than this; for instance, the part "i think" in week 4 were Jack Wu explains closures, functions, enums, structs... in less than 10min, i studied that in around 5 hours atleast in other visual tutorials online. in the last lecture on image processing, the instructor gave 16minutes tutorial on manipulating image pixels and then gave a link to a website to explain everything about ImageProcessing, a much heavier topic than working with pixels, and even it was not in Swift but Objective-C which i have no knowledge in that language and it wasnt stated in the course that it was a prerequisite.

final assignment is quite vague on the requirements needed by the instructor. would have prefered to have more interaction with the instructors on the assignment atleast. Im not the only one complaining about this issue, you can check the discussion in the course. I guess im fortunate that i have already studied those courses from external sources before i started here.

one of the instructors speaks quite fast with alot of anxiety making it quite difficult to understand without repeating the video.

автор: Denis K

Nov 12, 2015

this is terrible

автор: omkaar

Sep 20, 2016


автор: Garthe N

Sep 20, 2017

I was very disappointed with this course. I don't think it's actually been designed for someone who wants to learn Swift and Xcode, but rather for people who already have a solid understanding of Swift and object oriented programming but want to build a picture filtering application. Perhaps the stuff I want to learn will be covered later in the series. However, so far I feel like if you wanted to learn swift, you'd be better served going to the Apple forums which is where I had to go anyway to get all my questions answered. Besides that, they're using a 2 year old version of Xcode! I would wait until they've at least updated the course so you're learning something people actually use now. At least that way, you know there's still someone around too. I didn't notice much action from them on the coursera forums either. I think I will need to look elsewhere if I actually want to learn how to develop anything in iOS.

автор: Moamen A e d r

Apr 03, 2018

i didnt understand anything

its an image processing course not ios development

автор: Raul G N

Oct 22, 2017

It is not basic at all, if you are a beginner in programming language, you are not going to get anything but the installation video. It is good for someone who knows at least another programming language, but for somebody who is starting, not at all. They explain in a 6mins video 3 topics which they should explain in 3 separate and dedicated videos, and then they say go for apple developer website and continue learning, so you feel like you learn everything there and not with the course, Thanks! and I hope you guys improve the course in the future and update it to swift 4.

автор: liu x l

Dec 13, 2015

Very knowledgeable educators.

Course is given in a q&a style which is very very good for a web based course since the questions often are exactly what i want to ask.

However, think the course can still be improved, especially in the following aspects.

(1) examples in the course are not thought through ahead. Instead, educators came up with them on the spot. that way it may not be the best example to convey the message, plus the videos are made unnecessarily long in this way. Think it's good that for a programming course to show real time programming sometimes. But to do this all the time is a bit too much and therefore inefficient. Comparing to some other courses, think this one could really benefit if the educators could give some thought on how to teach, especially to think from a student perspective.

For example: about the capability of overwriting and defining new operators, the example given was to define a knife operator and to overload plus operator to stew vegetables. Both examples do not make much sense to me. Although i did understand that it's nice that one can define his/her own operation/operator, when the examples came I actually got confused -- how do i stew vegetables with code??

(2) Some of the quiz questions I don't find useful. For this course I need lots of time to complete the quiz in contrast to other coursera courses I did. This is because i need to actually read the documentation in order to answer the quiz questions since they are really in depth. In this way, to do the quiz is actually the way to learn. But some questions are quite artificial, for example, there's a multi-choice question about "what are the different ways one can find help..."

(3) Finally, I find the video and the quiz very abstract. that it's very difficult to follow without making a line of code myself... Also it is not clear what the educators expect as a pre-requisite for taking this course. Sometimes things are explained as if the listeners have no programming background at all. some other time, a concept is explained so fast I wonder whether i should have known objective-C in order to follow this course...

автор: Jason W

Dec 17, 2015

Bad Lecturers and instructions.

автор: Alok C

Apr 07, 2016

Bad content and instructor. no logistic in place. if you are planning to pay to get certificate. I would suggest look else where. my $279 are stuck in here and they don't reply to forum posts.

автор: Yuxing S

Oct 12, 2015

The instructors are not well prepared for the course. The material are not well structured.

автор: 卢振兴

Dec 06, 2015

very poor organized.

автор: Jenn Y

Nov 18, 2015

Unfortunately the course is not very well thought out. The lecture videos are poorly organized, concepts are not presented in the proper context and lack sufficient detail/depth, little thought or effort was put into designing the examples in the videos, there are no actual coding exercises until the last week, there are no examples of elegant code, nor thoughtful examples of good vs. bad code, the quizzes contain questions that are poorly worded and ambiguous (and I think some actually have the wrong answers and are contradicted by other online resources). It's very high level, and they hand-wave important concepts. I really don't see how this class can actually teach you to build a robust high-quality app. You're probably better off just reading some of the official documentation online.

автор: Michael H

Oct 20, 2015

Basically a couple of guys have an unorganized discussion about swift. Little to no organization with poor coordination between lectures and quizzes.. Appears that there is no TA or course staff monitoring discussion boards... I am glad I didn't pay for the class... Disappointed though because I really wanted to learn Swift.

автор: Danky H

Nov 03, 2015

Submission is buggy and final assignment is confusing. Almost more than half of students failed this course because of it.

автор: Ann W

Mar 20, 2016

Certainly not a beginners course. You needed to have a good programming knowledge to make any sense of this course. The final assignment asked you to do things you hadn't been taught. As I hadn't done any programming for 20 years, I certainly found this difficult. Fell behind and there isn't really anyone there to help. Almost asked for a refund but decided to try to continue. I'm struggling to motivate myself into the second course. I really hope it's better than the first one.

автор: Jeff R

Oct 12, 2015

I'm giving just a single star. I started this course with high hopes, bailed after the third quiz as I wasn't learning anything except how to pass the quiz. Sorry, but this was a major letdown to myself and two other colleagues who all signed up to take it together. We all bailed.

автор: Sambasiva A

Feb 09, 2016

Please stay away from this course.

автор: Cesar P

Oct 17, 2015

Teachers poorly prepared, explanations ambiguous, it seems that they didn't pay attention to examples and sound of the course.

I love Jack Wu written tutorials... way better than videos.

автор: Francisco J M

Oct 07, 2015

Very disorganized. More than a course, it seems more like 2 students learning along with you. The lessons have 0 preparation and they come up with examples that do not work half of the time during the video itself. I do not recommend this course (and as a matter of fact, the entire specialization) to anyone.

автор: Sergey P

Oct 29, 2015

Quality and length of material is mediocre.

автор: Karthika M

Oct 19, 2015

Impossible to follow. Quizzes do not relate to lessons.