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Ever wonder why people do what they do? This course—which includes more than $1,000 of video and reading materials—offers some answers based on the latest research from social psychology. Students taking the course for a Certificate will also receive free membership in Social Psychology Network ( COURSE DESCRIPTION FROM PROFESSOR PLOUS: Each of us is dealt a different hand in life, but we all face similar questions when it comes to human behavior: What leads us to like one person and dislike another? How do conflicts and prejudices develop, and how can they be reduced? Can psychological research help protect the environment, and if so, how? This course offers a brief introduction to classic and contemporary social psychology, covering topics such as decision making, persuasion, group behavior, personal attraction, and factors that promote health and well-being. Our focus will be on surprising, entertaining, and intriguing research findings that are easy to apply in daily life. The course will also draw from the websites of Social Psychology Network, the world's largest online community devoted to social psychology. I hope you'll join me for this course, have fun, and learn some useful information that enriches your life....

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12 июня 2020 г.

Very interesting course, tons of great material. Of all the courses I have taken so far in Coursera, this is one of the few that has pushed me to focus on the material we were going over-great course.


26 сент. 2020 г.

Such a wonderful course, enlightening, compelling and fun! Professor Plous is an amazing source of education and kindness throughout the 7 weeks.

Thank you soon much for this learning opportunity.

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автор: Muskan H

23 июля 2020 г.

To be honest, i started this course thinking it would be a good revision for the social psych paper i had in one of my semesters in my psychology honours course but it took a beautiful turn when i started the course.

Course Instructor- Prof. Scout Plous is an excellent teacher. For each topic he explains in very simple ways with examples and reseaarch findings.

Course Materials- The videos are of excellent quality with top-notch study materials from books,videos and researches. there are videos from the real experiments and of some eminent personalities. everything is very interesting,engaging and informative.

Who can take the course? Everyone. after i completed the course i realised anybody who wants to know why people in general do what they do can take this course.

Assignments/Quiz- One of the things i loved about the course is it's assignments.They are very engaging, makes sure one is thorough with the study materials as all the assignments are usually where we have to apply them while doing it. The assignments are fun and a great learning experience. there is one quiz at the end covering all the topics and with average difficulty level.

I read in some comments before starting the course that there is pressure to join the "social psychology network" for a fee so i was a bit skeptical, but on taking the course i dont think there was a pressure, more of a suggestion and there are always alternatives present which one can choose. even if one does not join the network they can access the the materials from the website which is really cool. The people who buy the social psychology course on coursera infact doesnot have to pay to join the network as its free for them.

This course was an experience,one of the best learning journeys.

автор: Philippe R

29 мая 2020 г.

I would like to express my gratitude to Professor Scott Plous and his team for creating such an extraordinary course. I also want to thank him, Coursera, the authors & copyright holders and all those who have allowed to make this course widely available at no cost to students worldwide.

Great care has been evidently taken in designing this course and in preparing the various lectures. The content has been carefully built as well as the process. I can only imagine the amount of work needed to create all the excellent visuals that provide a rich background to the narration, which itself is already very compelling. The course is clear, practical as well as evidenced-based. Prof. Scott Plous combines multiple qualities in his teaching including rigor and clarity together with humor, sensitivity and nuance.

The possibility to see original photos and videos such as the Milgram video add to the richness of the learning experience. I appreciate Professor Plous’s perseverance in soliciting the necessary authorizations to make this happen.

By making Social Psychology widely available through this unique course, Professor Plous helps to raise our individual and collective consciousness, enabling us to more effectively play our part in making this world a better place for all.

автор: Maria M

15 дек. 2022 г.

I can wholeheartedly say that this was one of the greatest courses I have ever completed in my life. Not only is professor Plous patient and kind, but his explanations are extremely accurate and easy to follow.

Besides this, the structure of the course itself is very neatly organized, so that no one will find difficulties in browsing it. Not to mention that the topics discussed are of great importance and are correlated to day-to-day life, which enables students to understand better the concepts and to apply them in reality.

As for originality, I would definitely say that it impressed me. From unique assignments that imply we actually make use of the material we have studied, to guest lectures, to inspiring reading materials, the list in endless.

Therefore, the welcoming atmosphere combined with the fascinating materials amounted to an unforgettable experience. I would confidently recommend this course to anyone who is interested in broadening their horizons and creating unique memories.

автор: Anju T M

28 апр. 2020 г.

Professor Plous is an excellent teacher. He is never complacent. He provokes his students and evokes original thinking. He has a cute sense of humor and uses it to inspire interest in the course. He is always cheerful and spreads the joy around! Therefore so many of his colleagues come around to support him in this course with bonus videos and discussions etc. He is a huge networker and believer in group/team spirit. You can see that by the number of organizations that have come together on his social psychology website platform. He is definitely not a lone player and would be a great political person in Washington encouraging everyone to give their best and spreading positivity in the White House, that is if he wants that role!! :-) So much for the review of the course.!!!! Actually, the course taught much more than I expected, and it was splendid because learning was made easy and pleasurable by the team. THANK YOU!

автор: Yibo L

9 июня 2020 г.

Best course I've ever taken on Coursera. I never thought that I would be upset when I completed this course. Learning Social Psychology is the best choice I have ever made this year.


I really thank Professor Scott Plous for giving us such a wonderful course. I am a law student and am going to study my Master's degree in law. This course of Social Psychology significantly changed my way of thinking about legal issues. I am grateful!!! And I have recommended this course to many friends!

我真的非常感谢Scott Plous教授为我们提供了这么精彩的课。我本人其实是一名法律专业的学生,马上要去念法律硕士了。这门社会心理学课程极大地改变了我对法律问题的思考方式。我很感激!!!我已经向很多朋友安利了这门课程!

I wish Professor Scott Plous can give us more courses related to Social Psychology, or social norm, or anything! I will be the first one to enroll.

我希望Scott Plous教授可以给我们提供更多有关社会心理学或社会规范的课程!到时我肯定会第一个报名的!

автор: sapna s

8 окт. 2020 г.

It's a great course for anyone who is interested in understanding social psychology. Engaging sessions and material by Professor Scott. I've done multiple courses on Coursera and this is my first course where assignments are peer-graded and make you think about the application of the content that you have read. Material is interesting and discussion boards are enriching. You should surely go for it.

I also saw some of the reviews which had an issue with joining Social Psychology Network and submitting a Resume. So let me clarify, joining the network is optional (I didn't join it) and while submitting your resume, considering privacy issues, you are absolutely free to submit it for a hypothetical person (which I did). Hope this addresses the concerns around the course.

автор: Kevin S M M

7 сент. 2020 г.

This has been one of the most challenging courses I have ever taken in Coursera. The course is well done, It is not too difficult but It requires time and complete dedication. Reading is a must to complement Professor Scott lectures, sometimes It could be hard to complete all the assignments, but this is how we learn a lot about the field. Professor Scott Plous is brilliant and a good communicative person, he is a great teacher. I am glad to be part of this amazing course, I am a research assistant in public policy and economics, but since now I will include all the social psychology knowledge I got in this course to face social problems. Grettings from Colombia. Bye :)

автор: Nasir K

18 апр. 2022 г.

This is one of the best courses I have ever had. It was full of valuable knowledge, extremely interesting, fun and engaging. This course taught me loads of valuable information about human relationships, biases, group thinking, bystander, social loafing, conformity to name a few. This course helped me broaden my horizon and knowledge about human behaviour and biases and how we can reduce it and make effective dission. Lastly, course was incredible! Thanks to Professor Scott Plous for his dedication and hard work. Also, the Coursera team for creating such high-quality content for knowledge seekers.

автор: Akif G

20 дек. 2022 г.

This course has added a lot to my life. It offered an opportunity to repeat what I had learned earlier. At the same time, it offered a tremendous educational experience with its videos, experiments, TV programs, assignments, and previously asked questions. During the course my life really became much more enjoyable. I felt like I was doing something good. I learned many new things and felt like a valuable member of a huge universal community. Thanks Mr Plous, Thanks Coursera.

автор: Kamila B

23 дек. 2022 г.

This is not just a 38 hour course in social psychology. It is a psychological experience in itself. We come out enriched humanly and culturally. We question ourselves, we reflect and we learn to surpass ourselves in addition to understanding how to interact with people.

Thank you Coursera, for making courses of such quality accessible. Thank you, very much to Pr Plous and his team for this very complete and well presented content.

When will social psychology n2 :))

автор: MS S

10 мая 2021 г.

The course was really interesting and Prof. Plous made it very interactive which made the whole process of learning fun and enjoyable! Kudos to the tech team behind this course, brilliant job done. Really enjoyed watching the TedTalks that were included in the bonus material and the video recordings of Google Meets with various noteworthy contributors in the field of psychology. Would definitely recommend this course to others

автор: Raymund F

20 мая 2020 г.

Professor Scott Plous taught the course with great enthusiasm. This Social Psychology course will help you know yourself more and will also help you better interact with the people around you. There's so much support from mentors and other learners while learning the topics together. After the course, you'll see the world on a different perspective! Thank you Professor Plous and Wesleyan University!

автор: José C V D

30 июня 2020 г.

Mucho más completo de lo que esperaba. Un gran trabajo el realizado por Scott Plous y su equipo, a quienes quedo muy agradecido por toda la información que ofrecen y cómo han diseñado el recorrido de aprendizaje.

Much more complete than I expected. A great job done by Scott Plous and his team, to whom I am very grateful for all the information they offer and how they have designed the learning tour.

автор: Abhinish S

7 июня 2020 г.

It was a really wonderful experience and I very much loved being a part of this class. This has really helped me better understand myself and the people around me. I am especially thankful to Scott Plous who has been such a great instructor and kept me really engaged in the course video lectures! It has been a wonderful journey thank you to everyone that has made this course available to me! :)

автор: Paul N J

24 янв. 2021 г.

This course helped me in understanding how people are influenced by social scenarios that results on how they view others, how they behave in groups, and how they form their attitudes. A big thanks to Professor Scott Plous for being creative with his presentations that made me learn the lessons much easier. I also appreciate his jokes that made me feel happy during my time with this course.

автор: Lim F Y

1 янв. 2021 г.

The classes are interesting and there are lots of study materials in the form of video clips and reading materials all exclusive to us only! The professor isn't boring and managed to make each classes as interesting as possible. I definitely learned a lot of things that can be used in my life and work. I really recommend this course for just anyone.

автор: Anne V g

18 апр. 2022 г.

Very well designed and instructive class. Comprehensive, entertaining, interesting..I loved it from day one till the last day. The material was dense and exhaustive and i know already i will often return to it for reference. Highly recommended course; there are many applications in our daily lives.

автор: Anthony J

20 апр. 2022 г.

I had a wonderful experience in this class and just want to say that I am very appreciative for the tutor and all other participants that helped make this class a sucess. I recommend everyone interested in management and conflict resulution or psychology to take this class

автор: Liv P

7 июня 2020 г.

I feel like I've rediscovered the pleasure of learning and I haven't enjoyed a course this much in years (or dare I say ever). I almost felt sad when the course was nearing completion. This is the kind of course everyone should take, regardless of their work domain.

автор: Santosh K U

30 окт. 2019 г.

It was indeed a very good initiative course... I look forward to being part of many such courses in the future. The mentor of the course excelled in making layman like me to understand it from the core. Loved learning new concepts.

автор: Nourhan M A M

29 мая 2020 г.

very interesting subjects and very helpful in explaining surrounding most experienced human behaviors, it's easy to reschedule course assignments dues , it was my pleasure to attend this course

автор: Radhakrishna S K

18 апр. 2020 г.

Social Psychology is an amazing subject which every person must know. I personally liked the way in whcih the module has been designed. Thank you Professor Scott Plous for the beautiful module.

автор: Rajarshi S

23 апр. 2020 г.

One of the best course. Extraordinary study materials, communication, dialect. I'm not from a psychology field but I understood each and every explaination. Do it once in your lifetime.

автор: Panos P

13 окт. 2019 г.

An amazing course! This is a must for every individual regardless of age, professio or any other social status.

автор: Arif H D

7 июня 2020 г.

Super, I loved this course and I am so happy that I choose this course for my personal grooming