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This course teaches scientists to become more effective writers, using practical examples and exercises. Topics include: principles of good writing, tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, the format of a scientific manuscript, peer review, grant writing, ethical issues in scientific publication, and writing for general audiences....

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14 сент. 2020 г.

Hello Kristin

Thank you for teaching me the basics of academic writing and editing with proper grammar. In this course, I was introduced to the scientific panel which further enriched my knowledge.


3 июня 2019 г.

This was an amazing course that really helped me with my medical writing skills and understanding how making things clear for all audiences can help in spreading scientific knowledge across the world.

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автор: Sergio A P P

10 июня 2018 г.

As a pre-grade student I really apreciate have learnt diferent types of sccientific and academic texts; I liked to think over scientific publish future and the responsability as a future scientist to spread the results en discovers of my investigations and projects. Finally a already put on practice the skills I got, reviewing critically the papers i had to reed this semester and of course using all the good writting tips when writing my subjects homeworks ; Thank to all the team that made this course possible , specially the teacher; Hi from Chile ; Sergio Andrés Plaza Plaza -- Student of natural resources engineering at Austral University of Chile.

автор: KR

8 мая 2020 г.

I really enjoyed the course and recommend others to take it. Even though I am in research for little less than two decades, no one every taught me how to write a research article. I used to learn it by reading manuscripts and observing the edits of my professors. Now, I understand and know why they were editing in certain ways. In addition, no one taught me how to peer review articles as well. This course covers how to write research articles, peer reviews, news reports and appear media interviews as well. Moreover, you can learn about how to tweet articles and news items. I highly recommend this course for researchers at all stages of their career.

автор: Margaret N

24 июня 2020 г.

I really enjoyed the course which was very well organized and covered a great amount of information in depth. Dr. Kristin Sainani is an excellent and extremely thorough lecturer. She would refer back to information from earlier modules through the whole course so that the information would be integrated systematically. She is also passionate and dedicated about her subject and very engaged in developing new editors and writers. I learned a lot.

I particularly liked the sample edits so that I could see the approach she took, the reasons she made the edits, and the overarching organization that the edits supported.

Thank you very much, Dr. Sainani

автор: stacyg

8 авг. 2020 г.

Dr. Sainani is an excellent teacher. I recommend this course to everyone who want to learn how to write and edit more clearly, and not restricted to just the sciences. I just finished an English degree that focused on this material and was shocked by how much I was still able to learn from this free course. There's a lot of helpful advice here on concision, word choice, and structure. The professor also provides many "demo edits" to practice your skills before learning how she--an expert writer and editor--would edit them in a video. This course is put together very well; I really can't say enough good things about it. Thank you Dr. Sainani.

автор: Angela S C

1 февр. 2021 г.

I am a post-doc researcher and performed this course before writing my thesis. I revisit it from time to time and has been so far the most useful course I done in Coursera. The general tips for writing are incredibly useful and were, at the beginning, a bit again my believes of what is scientific writing. However, through all the examples and practices it became clear that these tips are really useful and lead to a more clear, scientific and easy-to-read writing. Plus Dr. Kristin Sainani is amazing at teaching and it was a pleasure to learn under her guidance. An absolute must for people who need to generate scientific manuscripts/reports!

автор: Eszter N

3 июня 2020 г.

This course is filling a gap in my PhD education in Hungary. Yet, its content is essential to "survive" and become a good researcher, so it was really valuable for me to be able to access it and enroll, even if I'm in the last year of the PhD program. I'd like to thank to Dr. Sainiani and all her colleagues who helped to create this valuable course. Personally, it is a great start for me to begin writing my PhD thesis, a lot of inspiration and valuable tips in the writing style (even if my research field is far from medical). And the other tips I will be able to take with myself for future publications! Thank you again!

автор: Fabian E

30 июня 2022 г.

Thank you so much Dr. Kristin Sainani

You are an authority and a great teacher in Writing in the Sciences. The course is an eye-opener. I have learned a great deal, especially in the area of structure-parallelism, active voice, and review articles.

Please due to my work schedule which leaves me scanty time to do other things, I would like to access these great lectures from time to time for refreshing. 

How long will these lectures be there to be accessed from the completion date? Is there any certificate for successful completion of the course?

What advice do you have for me?

ThanksFabian EboguCell: 856-397-1181 

автор: James F

30 авг. 2020 г.


As a mid-career clinician I have published previously, read thousands of papers and written countless letters of recommendation. More recently I have tried (and failed) to publish some pieces in medical journals in the "viewpoint" or "perspectives" sections.

I came to your course to humbly learn about how I might do things better and I have.

Writing will remain hard work, but I hope that I might successfully put some of this learning to good effect in the years ahead.

I will recommend this course enthusiastically to others, so look to see if there's an uptick in Australian candidates.


James Fink

автор: Beth F

2 дек. 2022 г.

This course discussed the basics for competent writing in the sciences. I appreciate that strategies for creating and reviewing manuscripts, plain language summaries, and proposals were included.

Dr. Sainani included other voices (Dr. Efron, Dr. Lundberg, Dr. Friedman) for participants to hear from other experts in the writing field. I would have appreciated one of these interviews to be with someone from outside academia.

Finally, search engine optimization is a topic that scientific writers - particularly outside of academia - would benefit from understanding. A module on this topic would be helpful.

автор: Fatima S

4 февр. 2023 г.

A phenomenal resource for communicators across the board. I'm so grateful it is free and flexible in schedule. The demo edits were great exercises to put into practice the theories, and the feedback was instant in the videos. I think further courses on lay audience publications would be immensely welcomed. I am very curious to learn how a career as a science journalist grew from a start in statistics, and if doing it this way was significant to your ability to learn data for yourself before reading concconcluding remarks in any publication? Finally, thank you very much and wishing you a bbeautiful day.

автор: Mukvych V

3 янв. 2023 г.

Thank you for this wonderful course, which can help many scientists improve and gain new skills. The knowledge that you will gain after completing this course will make it easier for you to work in the future. You will not need to collect some information in parts, this work has already been done on this course, and you just have to absorb all the information like a sponge. In today's world, things are changing very quickly, and scientists need to learn the practical skills of good writing, techniques for writing faster and with less anxiety, and writing scientific publications for a wide audience.

автор: Daniel B

27 окт. 2017 г.

It's a great course. I learned many useful things, from the more general things to the details. I appreciate also the lessons on the writing and publishing process, and the communication tasks scientists must deal with. My main critique regards the writing of personal statements and letters of recommendation: I believe that resorting to too many personal things in these kind of instances is an instrumentalization of our personal lives and activities. In addition, it may give way to fake or exaggerated statements. Anyway, I highly recommend taking this course if you want to improve your writing!

автор: Mohamed N

19 июля 2020 г.

I am so pleased to have this amazing course. I learned much. I can't count skills I learned. But I now could try to wrize a manuscript, edit others writing,write for lay audience, learned how draft a complete manuscritp with good steps, and about submission process. As I said I can't count what I learned but it is a great chance to take a course from Stanford University. I greatly thank Coursera platform for their great services, as people say it is availble for each learner, provides teching courses in nearly all fields. I hope take more and more courses from Coursera platform.

Great Thanks.

автор: Christina C

24 нояб. 2020 г.

Dr. Sainani is a pro at this. I enjoyed the honesty, real examples, and the application to all areas of writing. The concept is universal: make it clear and enjoyable to consume for any educated reader. I ended the course feeling happy and grateful to have been taught valuable lessons. I also appreciated that the course was doable for a working mom at home with a toddler during a pandemic.

This course is engaging, fulfilling, and just plain necessary. Honestly, I wish I had this information earlier on in my career, it would have done me some justice. Thank you, Dr. Sainani! Well done.

автор: Nilesh J

13 мая 2020 г.

I am very happy with the course. It is planned and executed in a thorough professional way. I am very happy with the way Dr Sainani has conducted the course. Her voice modulation and way of explaining the course material is very good , she keeps the audience engaged. I have published 18 papers till now, i wonder why did it not strike me earlier to take this course, it would have made my papers much better.

I am thankful to Dr Sainani for her wonderful efforts in conducting this course. I will surely recommend this course to my friends in my field.

Thank You


Dr Nilesh V Joshi

автор: Ahmed S

12 июня 2021 г.

This is my first time doing any online course in Coursera. And getting a certificate from Stanford is like a dream come true. I am truly honored to get this opportunity. The course is well organized, clear and easy to understand. I enjoyed my time during the course. I had a hard time doing the homework. But it was worth it. I hope this course will help me improve my scientific writings in future. I think Dr.Kristin Sainani is a great teacher. She is funny, casual, polite and creates a friendly environment that made my learning enjoyable. I wish her every success in life.

автор: Alex K

7 мар. 2021 г.

The course provides succinct and very well elaborated concepts of writing in general and - with a lot of illustrating examples - specifics of scientific writing. My peers and advisor saw my writing improved greatly after the first two monhts of the course. Additionally, I was able to better contribute to several publications after the course, by communicating my ideas properly.

As we are moving towards globalization and strive for more collaborations, "speaking science" both for other scientists and for non-scientific audience is crucial. This course teaches this skill.

автор: Farheen M

20 авг. 2021 г.

The course was engaging and Dr. Kristin Sainani was an enthusiastic teacher - no, let me rephrase that - Dr. Kristin Sainani was one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure to learn from in my entire life as a student. I highly recommend this course. One thing to consider is that most examples are from medical literature. I wanted to be as engaged as possible, but as a Psychology student, I had difficulty reading and editing prompts in the examples. Nevertheless, I was able to maintain interest in the material as I got to get insights during the editing process.

автор: Mamiko T

4 авг. 2020 г.

Dr. Kristin Sainani has a talent for teaching things in a bite-size and makes it fun to learn. Her ability to organize materials and how she talks in an uplifting tone also helped a great deal to finish this course. I am a non-scientist (I am a translator who deals with research papers a lot) so, I was a little bit nervous if I could even finish the course. It was challenging but packed with very useful information. Now I can edit/translate research paper written by non-native English speakers much more confidently and in a shorter amount of time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

автор: Juzer K

21 окт. 2020 г.

This is an excellent course for anyone ranging from beginners to people who need a refresher in good writing practices. The examples are relatable and engaging (I've shared the Watson and Crick paper with so many people as an example of good writing), and the quizzes/assignments are challenging enough. On a holistic level, I felt that this should be a standard requirement for all scientists, since scientific literature is becoming more and more inaccessible (due to poor communication)--giving way to pseudoscience purely because it is better written and accessible.

автор: Kha T V

9 янв. 2022 г.

It is a rewarding course. It not only helps me understand more about how to write a scienticfic article but also other useful other types of writing, such as personal statement, LoR, ...I had chances to practice the knowledge which I have learned with real excerpts. It is really helpful. A really worthy lesson I have learned is that writing an article is for all the audiences from differerent backgrounds, not for only scientific community. So, make it easy to understand! Thanks Dr. Kristin Sainani and Standford University for offering this high-qualified course!

автор: George M

30 авг. 2021 г.

Writing in the Sciences reviewed writing practices I already use, but this course highlighted better ways of reducing clutter in my writing, improving verb usage, and demystifying scientific jargon into everyday explanations I use when communicating science writing. I really gained a thorough understanding of using punctuation - the dash and semicolon - and offsetting in parenthesis (a technique I use all too well) to emphasize without loss of surrounding conceptual context. I bet you really didn't like "conceptual context" and I will cut it on my next draft.

автор: Rupa S

17 дек. 2022 г.

Thank you very much for providing such a detailed informative course on scientific writing. I am thrilled to have completed the writing in the sciences online course. It has been an incredibly valuable experience that has helped me develop my skills in scientific writing and communication. I feel much more confident in my ability to clearly and effectively communicate my research findings and ideas to a scientific audience. I am grateful for the opportunity to have taken this course and for the guidance and support of the instructors. Thank you once again.

автор: Training G

14 дек. 2022 г.

you’ve been so much more than a teacher for us. You’ve been our mentor, our support and our guide. Thank you for everything you have done for us!



I know your job is stressful and the hours are long, but you are always kind and understanding. I am grateful to have been taught by such an admirable person.



I challenge anybody in the whole world to find a better teacher than you. You’ve set a great example for all of us to follow, you’ve inspired us to be better people and to always strive to do our personal best. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!

автор: Zachary N

5 июля 2021 г.

Although I've written several manuscripts, a thesis, and WAY too many clinical notes, this course was 100% worth my while. There's an outstanding focus on critically reviewing and editing, and in particular on clarity and brevity, that I think anyone interested in anything from manuscript preparation to science journalism can benefit from. The 30-35 hours spent here will pay you back in orders of magnitude if you do any significant future wrtiting in the sciences (or, frankly, writing in general, since much of the course material is broadly applicable).