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We are all facing different and difficult challenges as we confront the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to support you in this time of uncertainty, the University of Pennsylvania is sharing this free and unique version of Dr. Karen Reivich’s “Resilience Skills” course from the Specialization Foundations of Positive Psychology. Learn how to incorporate resilience interventions into your personal and professional life with Dr. Karen Reivich. In this course, you are exposed to the foundational research in resilience, including protective factors such as mental agility and optimism. Several types of resilience interventions are explored including cognitive strategies; strategies to manage anxiety and increase positive emotions such as gratitude; and a critical relationship enhancement skill. Throughout the course, you will hear examples of individuals using resilience skills in their personal and professional lives....

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May 11, 2020

The topics are like tools very handy. It provides both skills that can be very helpful both on negative and positive emotions. The discussions and examples were clearly explain.Good Job.Keep it up!!


May 09, 2020

Loved this course, the thought processes, recognition of your thoughts, how they sabotage you, and how to recognize and control to retrain your thought process. Great thorough instructor - Thank you

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автор: Melissa P

May 12, 2020

This is a comprehensive overview of the science behind positive psychology, delivered in user-friendly, digestible, short videos. This really shed some light on a few tricky areas of my life, gave me new perspective on some of my own behaviors, how my own character strengths serve me and why my strengths can also sometimes act as a hindrance. It gave practical advice about how to recognize these situations to reconsider my own thoughts and responses. It reinforced the importance of the practice of mindfulness. I highly recommend this course to anybody that is looking for ways to continue to impr

автор: Hongrui M

Sep 10, 2020

When I first enrolled for this course, I thought I knew some of this resilience stuff already and was good at most of it - I meant for it to be just a refresher. Once I started I actually couldn't stop! I was fascinated by the scientific approach that the course took, with lots of academic evidence as well as real-life examples, many of which were the instructor's own. The course was also very well structured with a clear flow of logic, and yet each module on its own delivers unique value. I would highly recommend this course to others, whichever stage they may be at in their life.

автор: Lisa C

Sep 16, 2020

Dr. Reivich built a very powerful and especially relevant given these times class, delivering it in an interesting, easy to understand way, and designing it so it was realistic to complete in a reasonable time frame. I especially appreciated that she shared personal insights and stories as examples, which added a layer of authenticity. The class introduced me to two books on the subject (Dr. Reivich's and Dr. Fredrickson's) which I read in parallel. Thank you for a great experience and the short and long term benefits that applying this new knowledge to my life will provide.

автор: penny

Oct 06, 2020

It was really great topic and you can get very useful knowledge for your everyday life! It helped me to change the way I perceive many situations in my life and change my behavior, improve the quality of my relationships and communication with others. I strongly recommend it!

Karen was so great and the way she speaks and explain was fantastic, even for me, where my native language is not English. Thank you Karen!!

The pay role presentations and the various videos were also great to understand better the subject.

Thank you Coursera!!

автор: Saundarya A

May 31, 2020

I totally loved the way Miss. Karen taught each and every topic in detail. I will definitely try to apply the skills in my daily routine and try to become a better person for others as well as for myself. You enlightened very important aspects of life to keep up a good relationship, deal with anxiety, thinking traps, optimism and gratitude. These are really important values to lead a better life and I totally appreciate your effort in spreading the message to us, who might not have given so much importance to these topics.

автор: Marian V M

May 18, 2020

I learned some very useful skills that I can use in my psychotherapy practice as well as in my own life. I am planning to learn more about the skill of optimism and how it can help us during uncertain and challenging times. Particularly, I was interested in the practice of finding the "silver lining" or opportunity in a difficult situation. I am also learning how developing a sense of gratitude helps me get out of my dark mood about a situation and remember the blessings in my life. This was a really helpful course.

автор: Hilleke v O

May 18, 2020

This was a really wonderful course. Dr Reivich is an enthusiastic, open, intelligent and interesting presenter and I really really enjoyed learning from her. The personal sharing helped to bring home some of the key messages and encouraged me to think more honestly about my own behaviours. So I'm taking a lot of lessons away from this course and am inspired to make changes that can improve the way I live my life and the relationships I have with family, friends colleagues and strangers. Thank you so much.

автор: Tina

Apr 26, 2020

I think this course is excellent, timely and easy to understand. Very well presented. I found the practice very beneficial and challenging at times and made me think.

Very useful skills for everyone and it has helped not only myself but also my family and friends.

It is very generous to share the information and I am personally very grateful. Has made a big difference with living in COVID 19 times of uncertainty which comes with the Inevitable ups and downs of life.

Heartfelt thank you


автор: balaji

May 13, 2020

As an executive coach, I was looking to add knowledge about Resilience to my coaching skills. During my search, I found this program and I enrolled in it right-away. I must admit that it was a fantastic learning experience. This is my first online learning program and i am so glad that i began with this one. Dr. Karen Reivich is a wonderful teacher, she said that this is her first MOOC and I must say that she was awesome with her explanatory style. Thank you so much for your effort.

автор: Jacqueline C

May 31, 2020

Really enjoyed this course. It is very relevant to what is going on right now but also useful overall just for everyday life experiences. It touched on many areas that I would like to learn more about. The great thing about this course is that the strategies discussed can be used immediately. This course helped me to do something positive for myself in a time when I don't feel like I have a lot of control over many things. Thank you for making this available without cost.

автор: Yoas L

Jun 01, 2020

This course is really useful. We can learn to be an optimist by knowing why and how we can become a pessimist. Many lessons we can get in experiences from many experts about thinking traps, catastrophizing, other challenges and how they overcome those things. This course also reminds and helps us to identify and leverage our character strengths, have a positive emotion, and become a better person in a relationship. This course is really good for improving ourselves.

автор: Shailesh S

Apr 26, 2020

Very useful course, teaching us various aspects and giving us useful tools, tips to practice and help ourselves in real life. Professor seems very knowledgeable and her teaching style/delivery is effective. Content is good. I wish the quizzes were more elaborate. And, maybe a peer graded assignment to make us actually take concrete steps/actions applying to some situation in our life would have helped more. Thank you to everyone involved in making this course.

автор: Tonya G

Jun 01, 2020

Great practical application of research for any one to learn to grow their resilience. The course was well-laid out and the prompts and activities were great practice to bring the knowledge and research to our own lives. I appreciate the challenge to deep dive in at least one of the subjects covered in the course. This is a skill which everyone could benefit and should build because it will help make our community, society and world better as a whole.

автор: Myrna C C O

Jun 29, 2020

Estoy muy contenta de haber tomado este curso me ha sido muy útil durante este mes, completamente practico y será una herramienta que mejorara mi calidad de vida y todas mis relaciones interpersonales. muchísimas gracias.

I am very happy of have taken this course, it has been very useful to me during this month, completely practical and it will be a tool that will improve my quality of life and all my interpersonal relationships. many thanks.

автор: Juan M H V

Oct 02, 2020

Fast, no-nonsense approach to the basic concepts related to resilience, including techniques to improve your own resilience. A balanced amount of videos, readings and learning activities such as discussions and quizzes. The professor and guests are very knowledgeable and make the subject engaging with lectures that do not exceed the 20 minute mark at the longest. I enjoyed it quite a bit and was able to complete it very quickly. Great job!

автор: Joanne P A D M

May 18, 2020

I am extremely grateful that I came across this course. It helped me elevate my hope, heightened my positivity and it made me productive. It really fascinates me how this psychology course brings me back to my college days. The title itself is very relevant to what's happening now and I hope that more people will get into this course. It's really worth the time. Thank you, Karen and team! Thank you, Coursera! God bless you always!

автор: Teresa c

Sep 03, 2020

I learned more about myself and how my conversations with people are sometimes misjudged. Dr. Reivich really explained herself throughly and I related to her in more ways. She teaches this course with a kindness and grace that makes you want to pursue more online courses on positive psychology. We need it more than ever during this pandemic. If we all had this positive approach, we would get along more with each other!

автор: Fernanda P

Jun 11, 2020

Gostei muito de fazer esse curso. O curso é muito bem planejado e o conteúdo é excelente. Nesse momento de pandemia foi muito importante para mim, mas na verdade sempre essas habilidades são essencias. Costumo ser uma pessoa pessimista, entender o otimismo e ler mais sobre as forças de caráter está me ajudando. Fiquei bem mais interessada na psicologia positiva que antes e vou seguir com a leitura dos livros base do curso.

автор: Justin A

Apr 29, 2020

Very informative, and a fantastic Professor.

I sustained a pretty serious brain injury in an accident not long ago. My headspace before and after this course is like night and day. Not only do you learn about how and why things affect your brain, but you're constantly given tools to implement and practice the lessons you're being taught! If you're on the fence and reading this review, let me help you, TAKE THIS COURSE.

автор: Sushmitha S

Jun 05, 2020

During this corona pandemic, uncertainty has gripped us and has affected our mental health. This course has innovative techniques to overcome mind traps, be more productive and be better in communication skills. The role plays and the real life examples shown make the resilience skills more applicable in our day to day lives. Transformational approach of this course ensures personal development on various parameters.

автор: Karen D

May 12, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed not just the style of learning, learn at your own pace, but also the eye opening concepts that were discussed in the literature. Karen and her team presented both personal and professional implications, scenarios and suggestions that as a participant I was easily able to understand and relate to. Thank you for providing this course free of charge at a world wide time of uncertainty.

автор: Leanne

May 22, 2020

Thank you this has been an informative and enjoyable course. It is really easy to navigate. Love how it meets all learning styles with visual videos, audio reading and written tasks. Is there any possibility I can get a certificate???? Proud to say I have done an online Resilience course with Penn Coursera. The learning I have gained from this I will be able to adapt in my professional practice.

автор: Virginia G

Jun 15, 2020

Este es un gran curso: muy didáctico y lleno de ejemplos que lo hacen sencillo de entender. La profesora hace una excelente labor al enseñar conceptos abstractos de una manera sencilla y accesible a cualquiera , aunque no seas un experto en psicología o humanidades, este curso es fantástico para cualquiera que desee profundizar en el autoconocimiento, mejora personal o coaching. Muy recomendable.

автор: Daniela A C L

Apr 28, 2020

I learned a lot from this course. It was very easy to understand everything because she teaches you the concepts and you have the opportunity to watch some role plays. I really enjoy it and like this course. You should try it because this course you will have some tools to manage better your life and make strong your relationships. I'm thankful for taking this course and thankful to the teacher.

автор: Jose L P

Aug 31, 2020

A very concise, to-the-point course. I think it provides a pretty solid guide on the primary factors that affect resilience, in addition to practical tool kits and worksheets to reflect on your work. The MOOC's storytelling enables us to get a sense of how others experience resilience first hand and gives a hint on various topics to dive in for anyone who's interested in going the extra mile.